Now You Can Get A Zodiac Candle With A Scent PERFECTLY Tailored To Your Sign

With over 220 sales and an average review of five stars, Etsy shop owner Mary Claire White, who runs Falling Into Place, is not your run-of-the-mill candle artisan. She offers a number of different styles with varying scents and looks, but it is one series in particular that is something quite special — likely because it draws inspiration from the stars. FIPCandles has created a set of 12 different zodiac sign candles, each with a scent and color scheme specifically tailored to each sign. They are perfect for illuminating a room as you craft your friends’ birth charts, or for a DIY bathroom spa day during the next mercury retrograde.

Astrology can tell you a lot of things. According to Cafe Astrology, your sun sign (the one determined by your birthday) can tell you loads about your style, purpose, and perhaps even your destiny. Your moon sign (determined by your birth time and location) can provide insight into your habits, reactions, and instincts, in addition to revealing how you express and deal with emotions. Your ascendant sign (also determined by your birth time and place) is often viewed as the mask one wears when meeting others; how you present yourself. Whether you choose to buy into astrology is your prerogative, but Falling Into Place candles are inspired by an aspect of the zodiac that is often overlooked — the season with which they coincide.

Rather than looking to the astronomical makeup of each sign for inspiration when creating the candles, White sought inspiration from more worldly wonders. Signs that occur during winter have wintry scents like Capricorn’s balsam and berry; signs that occur during the spring are markedly floral like Aries’ sandalwood rose; summer signs have bright scents like Cancer’s green tea and lemongrass; and autumn’s signs are paired with a warm, earthy-smelling candle such as the Sagittarius pomegranate cider candle.

Astrology Series Greeting Card, $5, Etsy

Finding the right birthday gift doesn’t have to be difficult when you employ the help of the stars.

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