Nurse with tattoos from head to toe shows what she looked like before ink

A tattoo obsessive, who once worried she wouldn’t get a job due to her ink, has revealed what she looked like before her transformation.

Milana Pulliainen, from Finland, got her first inking aged 17 and quickly had more and more until she was covered from head to toe.

The 30-year-old, from a small town called Pieksämäki, originally worried that too many tatts would affect her employment prospects.

But, she now happily works as a practical nurse and has colourful designs all over her head, beck, hands and body.

She said: “I never thought I wanted many tattoos because I didn’t dare. At first I thought I wouldn’t get a job or people would start talking about me a lot.”

But, Milana was inspired by an artist and now doesn’t mind what people think.

And, she’s even shared a photo of what she looked like before getting her body inked.

In a side by side snap, shared with the Daily Star, Milana wore bright pink.

In one photo, her skin is clear of all ink and her hair is longer than her shoulders while in the other she grins while wearing large earrings, with her head bald and tattoos covering her body.

Milana said: “People stare a lot at my main tattoos. Here in town it is strange that a woman is bald.

“The tattoos on my head are a radical change.

“I wanted to cut my hair off and the tattoos fit perfectly on my bald head. They bring colour to my life.

“Tattoos on the face also look beautiful to me.”

But, the colourful Instagram poster, who posts snaps of her tattoos on Instagram page @mini.malisti, admits that her family originally weren’t keen on her tattoos, but now support her – and she doesn't plan to stop getting them anytime soon.

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She told us: “Mum and dad said at first that don’t take more but nowadays it’s okay for them.

“My big sister likes tattoos a lot and has always encouraged me. My friends like tattoos too.

“I’ve had tattoos for so long that I’m getting full.

“I have time next month to finish my main tattoo. In April and May my buttocks will be completely tattooed.

"I hope I can set an example for others to look exactly what they want."

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