OnlyFans model shares weird kinks – from clown role play to acting like balloon

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    An OnlyFans model became a millionaire selling racy pictures, videos and her bodily fluids to her subscribers.

    Dainty Wilder entered the adult industry three years ago when she started as a cam girl while studying at university.

    The Aussie star, from Sydney, then joined OnlyFans and quickly rose to success, ranking in the top 0.01% of earners within six months.

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    The adult content creator in her 20s now built up a loyal army of subscribers, and made £57,000 ($100,000 AUD) in just three weeks.

    Dainty typically uploads content – a combination of photos and videos – to OnlyFans three times a day, plus additional stuff direct to her follower's inboxes.

    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she opened up about the weirdest and wildest requests she’s received.

    She said: “Some interesting requests which stood out to me were roleplaying that I was inflating like there was a guy that wanted me to pretend I was round like a blueberry and getting bigger.

    “Another guy wanted me and him to role play we were both clowns. There have been a lot of unusual niche one-off requests like that.

    “I also remember there was a guy that wanted me to gain 10kg.

    “I get a lot of requests for my bottled-up bodily fluids as well, which I now sell due to popular demand.

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    “Then there are more popular fetishes that I thought were strange at first but I am pretty used to now, like controlling guys' chastity cages and small penis humiliation."

    However, the adult star says the ‘unusual’ requests only make up around 5% of her subscribers.

    “My most popular content by far is my boy/girl videos. Creampies are a huge request and so are devil’s threesome scenes,” Dainty continued.

    “Most of my content is lesbian or solo so I think that’s why my fans go crazy for boy/girl sex tapes.”

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    Due to popular demand, Dainty sells what she calls ‘juice jars’ to her subscribers. The small jar contains her bodily fluids.

    The model explained: “When I started selling it, I sold 100 bottles at £570 ($1,000 AUD) each within about 3 weeks, that was probably the most I made from a request.

    “I think the most someone paid for a custom video was £5,130 ($9,000 AUD), the request, but there was very specific dialogue and essentially a whole script he’d written out and saying his name throughout it as well."

    Dainty says she had no reservations about joining the adult industry, and wanted to try it mostly out of curiosity but never expected the level of success she has seen.

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    She added: “If I’d known it would become my career and I would reach the level of recognition I have now, then I might have been more apprehensive, mostly because I didn’t really want my family to find out, but also as it has made dating and relationships a lot more difficult.

    “My family has been really supportive. I was very apprehensive to tell my mum because I was scared she’d be disappointed, but her reaction was a lot more laid back. She’s just happy that I’m independent, happy and successful.

    “Romantic relationships haven’t been easy for me due to what I do for a living. I had a boyfriend when I first started adult work but once I started getting successful he started getting very insecure which ultimately ended our relationship.

    “Since then I’ve gone on a lot of dates where guys will say that they’re cool with what I do for work and some even knew what I did before I even told them, but it just seems like a lot of guys get insecure once they realise the extent of what I do.”


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