OnlyFans star hits back at trolls by sharing their sleazy messages on Instagram

An Instagram babe revealed that he has a secret account which she uses to mock online trolls.

The British woman, who now lives in Australia, makes upwards of £5,000 each week by selling naughty photos of herself on OnlyFans.

Ruby May, 23, is originally from Surrey, but moved to Sydney at the tender age of 18.

Now, she earns enough to live a luxury lifestyle by entertaining her one million Instagram followers, on her @Ruby_mayyy page, and through the adult subscription service OnlyFans.

Of course, with great success comes great numbers of trolls.

Ruby commented: “I receive a lot of messages and comments, some of them are even funny. So I started an entire Instagram @nohatethough dedicated to them.”

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Mostly, Ruby posts screenshots on @nohatethough of her DMs which include highlights from the horribly-written and hate-filled messages she is sent daily or even hourly.

In one post, a fan wrote: “I bet you won’t see this so send me one video of them boobs popping out.”

Another presumptuous follower said: “You shouldn’t be single. You have to give that body to someone to enjoy it that what it is all about.

"Just think if you die tomorrow. Then your body is useless.”

Some commenters take vicious swipes at Ruby's appearance.

One vile response reads: “You look like a homeless toddler.”

And yet others are a very strange kind of perceived compliment: “Thank you for sharing your beauty.

"I’ve had the best orgasms from your account.”

Or another: “Honey! I will kiss your vagina until my tongue is scalded.”

Ruby originally began the account in order to share the level of abuse and negativity she is frequently bombarded with because of her career.

She said: ”My favourites are usually the ones that talk about milk, and how much milk must be in my boobs.

“Obviously a lot of men don’t understand why women produce milk.”

The 32FF beauty added: “I’ve been asked to go to quite a few trampoline parties too, which I found quite funny.”

Other women on Instagram have begun to use her account as a centre of discussion about trolling and the level of abuse many of them receive.

Additionally, they are able to support each other and laugh at the online trolls who attack them.

Oddly, some posts on @nohatethough, which now has 4,800 followers, have been removed for breaking Instagram’s supposedly strict filters.

“My posts often get removed for hate speech,” Ruby said.

“Even though it’s me calling out the hate speech!”

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Instagram community guidelines state: “We remove content that contains credible threats or hate speech, content that targets private individuals to degrade or shame them.”

But they also add: “When hate speech is being shared to challenge it or to raise awareness, we may allow it.

“In those instances we ask that you express your intent clearly.”

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