Oreo Cookies Have Gone Wild

Three new flavors of Oreo cookies have hit store shelves but only one will survive

The next time you shop down the cookie aisle at your local grocery store be prepared to do a double take. Three new flavors of Oreo cookies are begging to attract your attention: Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn and Pina Colada. The three are all limited edition flavors and are the finalists flavors of the brand’s “My Oreo Creation” contest and the general public is encouraged to pick which cookie will be crowned king and which one will crumble.

The Cherry Cola cookies are filled with a crème filling that is half red and half white and contains a popping candy (similar to Pop Rocks) to give it a fizzy sensation. The Kettle Corn cookie is a vanilla cookie with a caramel crème that contains puffed millet pieces and the Pina Colada Thins cookies are a vanilla cookie with a pineapple coconut crème. If these sound strange to you, be glad that other flavors that were in the running (like avocado, coffee and donuts and unicorn) were knocked out in round one.

“We were blown away by not only the volume of flavor ideas we received as part of our #MyOreoCreation Contest, but also by the creativity and imagination of our fans,” Pam Clarkson, associate director North American Oreo Equity, said in a statement. The final three were narrowed down based on “taste appeal, creativity and originality” reports Fox Business.

This latest stunt follows last fall when Oreo’s “mystery flavor” was revealed in December to be “Fruity Pebbles.”

The original Oreo cookie was developed by the National Biscuit Company in 1912. The “Oreo Biscuit” was actually a knock-off of Sunshine’s Hydrox cookie which was introduced four years earlier. The first new crème flavor to be created by Oreo was lemon which was brought to store shelves in 1920 but was discontinued by 1924. Other special flavors of crème didn’t materialize until decades later. Flavors that have come and gone over the years have included Triple Double Neapolitan, Birthday Cake, Banana Split Crème, Orange Creamsicle, Rainbow Shure Bert!, Candy Corn, Gingerbread, Old Fashioned Candy Cane, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter and Berry Burst.

Cherry Coke Oreos? My spirit crumbles. #oreos @loreleikelly @pandoradl pic.twitter.com/HBYnNtKjyg

— Richard Sammon (@Richard_Sammon) May 7, 2018

So, how much is a winning flavor worth? The creator of this year’s winning cookie will receive $500,000. Oreo cookie fans can vote for their favorite flavor by visiting www.myoreocreation.com or texting VOTE to 59526. Voting will be open until June 30 and Oreo will announce the winning flavor on or around July 7.

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