Paddy Doherty out of hospital after brutal coronavirus battle that left him 'hours from death'

MY Big Fat Gypsy Wedding legend Paddy Doherty is back home from hospital after a traumatic battle with coronavirus.

The 61-year-old is on the mend after developing pneumonia and finding himself "hours from death" while battling Covid-19.

Celebrity Big Brother winner Paddy posted a video to alert fans of his homecoming, appearing short of breath and softly-spoken.

Sitting in his bedroom, he thanked he doctors and nurses who saved his life and hailed them as "warriors of God".

Paddy was rushed to hospital last week when his battle with coronavirus worsened and his wife Roseanne was left with no choice but to call for help.

The former bare-knuckle boxer was diagnosed with pneumonia as well as the virus and admitted to hospital for care where he was "hours from death".

In a video shared from home last night, Paddy explained: "They let me home about half an hour ago. I'm at home now.

"I've got loads of steroids I've got to take, just a bag of steroids. Just to keep indoors now for 10 days and I'm a new man."

He thanked his fans for their ongoing support and prayers, adding: "The most important people I've ever seen in my life is them nurses and doctors."

Likening the medical team to soldiers at war, Paddy continued: "Imagine soldiers, they've got to go up front first before the crew gets killed.

"That's what [the doctors and nurses] are like. They know exactly what's happening and wearing this [PPE] and they can catch it faster and their putting their lives [at risk].

"I've never seen nothing like them. They are the true warriors of God. True angels. There are no words for them. They're a different level. They're the greatest people on the planet. Without them, life wouldn't exist."

Paddy signed off by encouraging his followers to pray for the front line medical staff, concluding: "God be good to them and their families."

The latest video update comes after the reality star told his fans not to underestimate the virus as he went to hospital for treatment.

While Paddy was reluctant to go to hospital, paramedics told him he may not live to the following morning if he refused treatment.

Filming from a hospital bed, he warned fans coronavirus is "not a joke" as he was placed on oxygen to help him breathe.

It comes after Paddy underwent a five-hour operation in March 2019 to treat his prostate cancer.

At the time he said he had considered taking his own life from the excruciating pain of the cancer.

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