Paris Hilton Buys Hermes Purse… For Her Dog

Most women dream about owning an Hermes purse, and only the most elite can comfortably purchase one. This luxurious brand is designed for those that truly appreciate the finer things that haute-couture has to offer, and Paris Hilton thinks her dog is well-deserving.  L’Officiel confirms that the famous heiress has just gone on a shopping spree in Miami, and after purchasing an Hermes bag for herself, she went the extra mile and dropped a whopping $5,500 on a tiny little micro-purse for her dog. There are quite a few celebrities that are known to spoil their pets, but this sort of gift-giving takes things to a whole new level.

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Paris Hilton is known to be among the best dressed socialites that Hollywood has ever seen. She’s always dressed in the most fashionable attire, and every new outfit she dons quickly becomes a highly sought after piece. Her mansion includes massive closets that are actually a series of large, connected rooms, and she stores her numerous luxury clothing items within them. Paris believes that her dogs deserve the very best of life, too.

She has built an entire dog-mansion for her pooches, which is a massive home that is dedicated just for her dogs. It’s fully carpeted, air conditioned, and is very much a livable space.

It comes as no surprise that she would outfit her dogs with designer items, but the price tag associated with this tiny little dog-purse is truly astronomical.

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Paris Hilton’s puppy-purse is a very unique one.  She has outfitted her little chihuahua with an Hermès Micro Kelly Charm bag that costs no less than $5,500. Her dog’s name is Diamond Baby, so it seems appropriate for this little pooch to be getting spoiled, and to be pampered with the very best.

Sparing no expense, this Hermes purchase is not quite being used as it was intended, proving that Paris Hilton has customized this experience for her pup. According to Wonderwall, “The bag measures just two inches in diameter and has a gold closure, lined interior and a minimized Hermès Twilly scarf.”

This Hermes Micro Kelly Charm bag is meant as an accessory to a full sized Hermes Purse. It’s designed to hang off the purse in the manner that the name suggests… as a charm. Paris had other plans for it, and some would argue that she may be on to the next hottest trend.

Diamond Baby was seen playing with this new micro purse on Paris Hilton’s Instagram page, and seems very happy with this new item. This dog officially owns a purse that’s most expensive than the ones most ladies have on their arms.

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