Passenger steers driverless, speeding car to safety after horrific deer collision

A woman whose husband plowed into a deer on a Michigan highway — sending pieces of the animal’s hide into the couple’s car — thinks a higher power saved them from more serious injuries, saying they’re “very lucky to be alive.”

Kelly Wallace was in the passenger seat as her husband, Shaine, drove on Interstate 96 near Seaway Drive in Norton Shores last month when a deer crashed into the windshield of their 2013 Ford Fusion, sending shards of glass and pieces of the animal throughout the car, she told

Initially, Wallace said she didn’t know what happened, as she may have been knocked out by the impact. But when she regained consciousness, Wallace said she saw her husband not responding and covered in blood. Making a nightmare situation even worse, the car was still moving and even appeared to be picking up speed, she said.

“It struck me that we’re going down the road and no one is driving,” she said.

The couple’s Fusion was seemingly traveling as fast as 70 mph as it approached a red light at an intersection, but the traffic signal switched to green just as the car passed through it, Wallace recalled.

Using her left hand, Wallace said she grabbed the wheel to avoid other vehicles before her husband regained his composure and pushed the brake while she pulled the car off the highway, some three miles after the initial collision.

“I had my hand out the window screaming for help,” she said. “I was just in the shock of my life.”

Part of the deer’s hide was later found on the driver’s side floorboard of the Fusion, which was completely totaled, Wallace said. Her husband, meanwhile, broke both his nose and eye socket in the crash and continues to recover at home. He may need plastic surgery to repair injuries to his eye.

Wallace, for her part, escaped serious injury and credited divine intervention for keeping the car on the highway. She said witnesses to the crash told her they saw the deer run directly into their car, but Wallace said they never saw the animal coming prior to the 8:45 p.m. crash on May 31.

“We are very lucky to be alive,” she said.

Shaundrica Roberts, who was driving behind the couple’s Fusion, said she saw the deer “flip up in the air” and land on the median.

“The car kept going, going,” Roberts told “It just kept going at a high rate of speed.”

The smell left behind by the collision, which scattered parts of the deer inside the Fusion, was “excruciating,” Roberts said.

“All I could see was blood coming down the driver’s face,” she told “I honestly thought he was dead.”

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