People are obsessed with Peanut, a rescue cat with a wonky face

Keep an eye on Peanut, the cat who’s destined for online stardom.

Why? Because he’s got a wonky face, and we all love a cat who looks a little different from the norm.

The eight-year-old cat’s owner, Sydney Benham, 20, isn’t ‘100% sure why’ Peanut looks the way he does.

‘When I adopted him, the shelter said that it was a birth deformity,’ Sydney tells ‘The vet and the shelter said it doesn’t effect him negatively at all, he just looks funny!’

Sydney, a student in Michigan, adopted Peanut three months ago, after falling in love with him the moment she saw his unusual face in the shelter.

‘I had just woken up and we already had one cat, but I wanted to get another,’ she explains. ‘So, my friends and I went to a local shelter and I saw him there.

‘I fell in love immediately and knew I needed to take him home.

‘He was the last one that needed to be adopted and I just couldn’t leave him.

‘The shelter had said that his previous owners had about eight other cats and when they died, Peanut was abandoned at the shelter.’

Along with having an unconventional appearance, Peanut is also partially blind and deaf.

He’s able to live happily and healthily, but sometimes can’t tell when a door is open.

Thankfully, he’s already learned where everything is in the apartment.

Peanut’s other quirks include enjoying tipping over his bowls, kicking his litter out of the box, and jumping on tables.

He also loves to be rubbed between his ears, which stick straight up on his head, attracting comments that he looks like a bunny rabbit.

Sydney set Peanut up with an Instagram and TikTok, where he’s quickly racking up fans.

‘He looks like a Renaissance painting of a cat in the best way,’ wrote one person on TikTok.

‘This kitty looks like he has an invisible scrunchie holding [his] ears together,’ said another.

And one comparison said: ‘He looks like a taxidermy cat made by someone who’s never done taxidermy before.’

People have compared Peanut to many diff things in the last couple days. I decided to compile them here ? #cats #catsoftiktok #comparison #fyp

Peanut’s face and ears have had him compared to a bunny rabbit, Garfield, Catbus, and Adam Driver.

‘He is just funny,’ says Sydney. ‘When he jumps on tables, he won’t get down by himself. Refuses.

‘If he’s hungry, he will meow at me in the kitchen until I feed him or just shake his food bowl so he knows there’s food in it.

‘He follows me everywhere. Especially the bathroom, he doesn’t like when I’m in there and he’s not.

‘He gets very excited to see his other mom, who is my best friend, Kristen. He will immediately cuddle her and I love that he recognizes us.’

Sydney hopes that her story will encourage other cat lovers to give pets who look different a chance.

‘Adopting Peanut was one of the best decisions of my life,’ she tells us.

‘He actually is the reason I kept living when I did not want to.

‘He is so full of life and doesn’t let anything hold him back. It teaches me to be the best version of myself.

‘It can be difficult but the love he gives back makes it so worth it.’

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