People baffled as they incorrectly guess which bra is D cup and which is a G

A woman with big boobs is trying to educate people on the puzzling world of bra sizing.

Jennifer Warnes gives reviews for bras on her popular TikTok channel and also explains why so many people are buying the wrong size bra.

In a video, she shows two bras and reveals one is a G cup and one is a D.

Jennifer then challenges viewers to guess which is the "bigger" bra but most people are at a total loss.

You might guess the top one was the G cup because it was larger but it turns out it was actually the D cup.

Meanwhile, the smaller bra below was the G cup.

Jennifer explains: "Just because you have a larger cup size it doesn't mean you have bigger boobs.

"In this example, the G cup is much smaller than the D cup is."

In a nutshell, bra sizes are based on the ratio of the size of your ribcage to the size of your bust and the band size (the circumference of the chest just beneath the breasts) is crucial.

The video was watched more than 42,000 times since it was uploaded on Tuesday (April 12) and many women were surprised by the answer.

One said: "How am I 48 and finding this confusing? I’m failing at life."

"Wait now I’m confused on my size," commented a second.

A third wrote: "Thank god someone finally posted this. Sick of trying to explain this to people."

Someone else wrote: "This is what I've been saying! I'm a 28E and everyone literally thinks I'm lying and they bash me over it 24/7."

Meanwhile, men reacted in very different ways to the informative video.

One guy confessed: "My whole understanding of life has been ruined and I still don’t understand why."

Another bloke said: "I finally understand, it's like car tyres. A 165/65 has a bigger tyre wall than a 210/40."

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