People can pocket up to £668 by end of December with simple savings challenge

Generally after the Christmas period we're all feeling strapped for cash.

The festivities can damage our wallets to another level and leave us counting the pennies until payday.

But if you want to get better with money this year, you can try a simple challenge to get you through 2022.

Luckily you can pocket up to £668 in the space of 12 months with a trick that makes you stash away just a pence each day.

You can start now as the clock is ticking and every day of the year counts towards the grand total.

Starting with 1p, you add extra cash into a savings account and what you save increases by 1p with each new day.

So as day one is 1p, day two means 2p, the next is 3p and you get the gist.

Then by the end of the year, or day number 365, you'll be adding £3.65 into the account which isn't really that much.

Now when you do the calculations, that equals £667.95 in total if you keep up with it every day.

You can set yourself an extra goal of cutting out those daily expenses like getting a coffee.

Just imagine this time next January when the purse strings are tight, the saved money will be a tasty boost.

The savings challenge is an easy way of easing you into stashing away a good amount of money.

Whether you're saving up for a new home, car or even a wedding, the cash could go a long way at the end of the year.

Previously, Brits revealed their best money advice including how to save for a rainy day.

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The study of 2,000 adults revealed "save for a rainy day" and "stick to a budget" as other popular financial pearls of wisdom.

Others have been warned to "pay off debts rather than spend on luxury items" and not to "make financial decisions while angry".

More than eight in ten adults are happy to go to others for help with money.

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