The people who found themselves in a HORROR movie

When real life is stranger than fiction! The TERRIFYING images snapped by people who woke up to find themselves in a scene straight out of a horror movie

  • Terrified Twitter users have been sharing the spookiest occurrences they’ve had
  • These creepy moments are not from horror films, but from their day-to-day lives
  • One person got the fright of their life after spotting a creepy sheep mask in a car
  • Another was haunted by a menacing flock of birds on a misty field

As the saying goes, the truth can be stranger than fiction.

And these terrified Twitter users can certainly attest to that, after finding themselves in the middle of a real-life nightmare. 

Spooked social media users have been sharing snaps of eerie occurrences in their day-to-day lives – from a menacing flock of birds to a haunting corridor reminiscent of a scene from The Shining.

While one person got the fright of their life after spotting a creepy sheep mask peering out from a car window on multiple occasions. 

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