People riding the subway share hilarious snaps of strangers

Rush hour madness! Commuters share the VERY bizarre sights they’ve spotted on public transport – from a tortoise on a leash to a man with a plant on his head

  • Gallery captures the strangest things people have seen on the commute
  • Snaps from around the world show a woman with a television on her head
  • A man bizarrely takes his pet tortoise for a walk on the subway with a lead 

From a man travelling with a Christmas tree on his head, to a passenger with a tortoise on a lead, social media users have shared hilarious snaps of the strangest things they’ve seen on public transport.  

The entertaining snaps from across the globe, which were collated in an online gallery by WhyThese, include a television supposedly travelling by itself. 

Another snaps show what appear to be a woman with a PC on her head. 

Another shows a man carrying a peacock on the train as if that’s a very normal thing to do.

Here, FEMAIL reveals the best snaps, including a man having a nap in a ‘I like to party’ t-shirt…

Pets are usually allowed on the subway but this New Yorker took things a step further by heading out with a fox

This subway passenger decided that the best way to travel is with a her television on her head, interesting

If you’ve seen a tortoise being walked on a lead then you’ve seen it all. This man from an unknown location certainly thinks it’s normal though

Perhaps this New York commuter didn’t want to be perceived on his way to work, or perhaps he forgot to take of his mask from his previous bank robbery

A television travelling alone on a train is one thing, but taking up that amount of space suring rush hour is an abomination

This slightly Grinch-y take on a Christmas tree supposedly looked better on top of this man’s head than in the corner of his sitting room

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That’s one way to blend in! This woman, apparently travelling with her friends, seems not to want to be seen at all, yet has the opposite effect

A peacock on the train? Why not. At least that’s what this man though the day he decided this was a good idea

Quite apart of the potential germs one might pick up from eating on the underground, this man certainly comes prepared

While a little shocking and unconventional, this man from an unknown location has an ingenious hack for sleeping comfortably on long journeys

One has to hope that the coffin on this spanish subway isn’t actually carrying a deceased person…

While this duck is enjoying a calm and pleasant ride on the train, other passengers are slightly more startled at their visitor

While sleeping on the tube it not uncommon, this man is heading for a shock when the doors open

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