People share the funniest signs they've spotted

Sign of a good sense of humour! These hilarious posters are bound to stop anyone in their tracks

  • Hilarious signs from around the world are enough to stop you in your tracks 
  • Social media users shared their favourites in a gallery collated by Cheezburger 
  • One sign read: ‘The secret of happiness is t’ after half of the poster was lost
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These hilarious signs from around the world are humorous enough to stop you in your tracks. 

Social media have shared snaps of the placards, billboards and pickets that made them chuckle, with the best examples shared in a gallery.

All it takes is a missing word or a small typo to change the meaning of a phrase completely – and many of these signs are a good example of that.

For example, one sign read: ‘The secret of happiness is t’ after half of the poster was unfortunately lost. 

If you’re looking for a laugh, read on for selection of FEMAIL’S favourites…

Town and Country Drugs in Clarksville, Tennessee had a mare when only part of its neon sign lit up, making it look like it was telling customers and passers-by to ‘try drugs’ 

A sign which can be bought on online shops is telling people to avoid injury by… turning off their shoes?

Dunkin’ Donuts put up a sign ‘something fresh is always brewing’ right outside the toilets and baby changing area…

This sign warned people and tourists that cougars were in the area, which are large vicious American wild cats. The word can also mean an older woman wanting a relationship with a younger man…

A road sign in Texas seemed to confuse drivers after it failed to give them an upper speed limit while they were out on the road

To honk or not to honk, that is the question. Without the small paper sign, most customers would not give it a moments thought. But now it’s saying we shouldn’t, it’s hard to resist…

This is a classic example of how a missing comma or full stop can irrevocably change a phrase. Without any punctuation between the first or second line, it looks like the place is telling people not to eat children…

A business has said it caters for big life events including weddings, graduation ceremonies and anniversaries. But more bizarrely it covers drug interventions, horse funerals, the anniversary of a horse funeral and… the return of Jim? At least it comes with a free consultation to clear things up!

One driver in Britain appeared to have veered off the road and crashed into the grass. Unfortunately for them, the car landed just in front of a sign saying ‘thank you for driving carefully’

A Conservative Party advert in London appeared to be telling voters it will cut homeless people in half instead of homelessness 

One Dunkin’ Donuts store is not having a good time, after the ‘o’ on its iconic and illuminous sign failed to light up. Its meaning looked to have completely changed, now seemingly advising customers to dunk their nuts

In a national park in the Czech Republic, someone was trying to tell them the secret to happiness. Unfortunately, all they could get out was the ‘t’

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