People share their grandmothers’ most savage moments

People share their grandmothers’ most savage moments – from hanging up on them to watch TV to putting a ‘kick me’ sign on their back

  • Internet users from across the world share their grandmothers’ best moments 
  • One 90-year-old grandmother placed a kick me sign on her grandchild’s back 
  • In classic grandparent style, another hung up on her granddaughter to watch TV

Hilarious moments shared by grandchildren have proven why elderly people are absolute comedy gold.

In a gallery collated by Go Social, internet users from across the world shared their grandmothers’ most savage comments.

From one 90-year-old grandmother putting a ‘kick me’ sign on her grandchild’s back, to another hanging up on her granddaughter to watch Judge Judy, these revelations are sure to leave you in stitches.

Here, FEMAIL picks out some of the best examples…

One internet user, from an undisclosed location, explained how his cunning 90-year-old grandmother asked for a hug, only to place a ‘kick me’ sign on his back

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This grandchild was left gobsmacked when their grandmother admitted she wouldn’t have children if she could do it all again – while her son stood nearby. It is unclear where the grandchild is from

One grandchild revealed their longing for their grandmother, from an unknown area, as on their 21st birthday they shared a bottle of vodka. The grandparent then called her grandchild a p**** as they couldn’t keep up

For some grandparents, nothing is more important than their favourite television show. And this grandmother, believed to be from America, was so adamant about watching Judge Judy that she hung up on her grandchild

One shocked grandchild admitted their grandmother has ‘more game than’ them, as she had been catfishing guys with her grandchild’s picture. It is unclear where the grandparent is from

This granddaughter, from an unknown location, revealed she was bisexual to her grandmother. And the reaction she got was priceless, as she was told: ‘You always have been greedy,’ before being offered a hug

A man that came out as gay to his mother, believed to be from America, also got an unexpected reaction, as she amusingly replied: ‘About time, I thought you would have found Narnia being in the closet that long’

A grandmother proved you are never too old to be cool when she reacted to her grandson’s fashion in effortless style. It is unclear where the grandparent lives

This grandchild, thought to be from America, wanted to offer a warning to people about their grandmother – pointing out that she was not to be messed with as she kept a fully loaded mini pistol in her purse ‘in case of emergency’

And it’s not just grandmothers’ comments that can leave people howling with laughter, as one granddaughter was left in hysterics after being gifted a vibrator by her beloved nan. It is unclear where the relative is from

One grandmother clearly couldn’t hold her temper after losing in the card game Gin Rummy and was quick to act on her aggression, flipping over a table and shouting obscenities

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