PetSmart's Holiday Guinea Pig Outfits Will Make Your Pet the Star of Any Ugly Sweater Party

Dogs have holiday pajamas, cats have advent calendars, and now, finally, guinea pigs have their own holiday swag.

PetSmart, the same company that brought you Halloween costumes for guinea pigs, has introduced a line of festive outfits for guinea pigs looking to get real jolly this holiday season.

These pets can now dress up as Santa, a snowman or an elf! For guinea pigs that don’t want to go the costume direction, but still want to up their holiday cheer, there are also several sweater options.

This opens up a lot of options for guinea pigs looking to fill up their social calendars come December. Now, these pets have the uniforms needed to attend ugly sweater parties, go caroling or join family holiday card photoshoots.

The products vary in price between $5.99 – $6.99 and are available now on PetSmart’s website.


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