This Photo Of Ed Sheeran’s Wax Figure At A Cat Cafe Is Kinda Purrfect

As a critically and commercial successful musical artist, Ed Sheeran has received many accolades throughout his career, but the latest one is definitely the most interesting. Madame Tussauds London announced that an Ed Sheeran wax figure will be on display in a cat cafe. Yes, the wax figure will not be in the famous museum, according to the Evening Standard, but instead, a venue focused on cats.

Sheeran’s wax figure will be at the Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London, England starting June 19. Based on the photo, the wax figure is very detailed and true to life. From the signature blue-and-black checkered shirt to the arm tattoo that pretty much looks exactly like the singer’s real cat tattoo, the wax figure is on point. It even has the same ring that Sheeran wears on his own finger. And of course, the wax figure has a guitar in hand to entertain the cats at the cafe.

It makes sense that London the wax figure hits the mark, since this actually isn’t the first one made in the Grammy winner’s honor. There’s a Sheeran wax figure at Madame Tussauds museum in New York City. The really interesting thing about this second wax figure is that it will be on display at the cat cafe.

Edward Fuller, the General Manager at Madame Tussauds London, discussed the launch of Sheeran’s wax figure with Evening Standard. He explained, "Ed Sheeran is undoubtedly one of the biggest musicians of our time and with his sold out tour about to hit Wembley this week it felt like there was no better time to launch his figure here at Madame Tussauds London."

Before the wax figure was announced, it was teased on Madame Tussauds London’s Instagram account. They posted an image of the division symbol (in honor of his album Divide), a cat emoji, one of the new redhead emojis, and a guitar. All of that definitely adds up to Sheeran, but it also hinted a the cat-themed location.

The post’s caption read, "We’ve got some gossip! Someone will be joining Madame Tussauds London VERY soon! Simply guess who our mystery celeb is from the emojis and you could #win two tickets to the attraction!"

Fuller emphasized the significance of putting the wax figure in the cat cafe: "And knowing what a pet lover he is, launching the figure at London’s renowned cat café felt like something the man himself would surely approve of." Does that mean that they didn’t actually consult the singer about the location of his own wax figure or is it just unclear verbiage? Either way, it does sound like the perfect spot.

Sheeran’s fans are very familiar with his love of cats, which he has displayed in many ways throughout the years. In 2014, he performed his single "Thinking Out Loud" at a cat cafe in Japan in between tour stops. So it’s really not a stretch for his wax figure to be "performing" at a cat cafe as well.

For the record, he has two cats of his own to serenade with private concerts: Dorito and Calippo.

Instead of attending the 2018 Grammy Awards and thanking his supporters at the podium, Sheeran showed his gratitude with a photo of his cat the next day in an Instagram post. He wrote, "Woke up to the news I won two grammys last night. Thank you ! This little fluff-ball is doing a bit of a celebratory dance, lots of love to everyone xx."

Aside from the promotional posts about his music, Sheeran’s Instagram account is essentially a fan page for his two cats (and cats in general). He shares photos and videos of Dorit and Calippo all the time.

On top of that, he even rocked the purrrfect Christmas sweater: one with cats on it, of course.

Then, Sheeran took his love of felines to another level in 2012 during an interview with New Zealand Magazine Coup De Main. One portion was a regular interview, referred to as the Ed-terview. In another part called the Cat-terview, Sheeran was "interviewed" by cat named Monty. Yes, that is actually something that happened.

Of course, it is a big honor to have a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in London, but it probably means a lot more to Sheeran that his wax figure is surrounded by felines at a cafe. He might even consider it to be the purrrfect location.

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