Planner Hacks, Back to School Organization Tips, Stay Organized


After a long, hot summer, school is finally back in session. You’ve already got your supplies, your locker is decorated to perfection and your fall wardrobe is ready. Now, it’s time to hack your planner!

The season of not knowing what day it is is sadly over, so a daily agenda is the best way to get your life back on track. It might not sound like the most glamorous school accessory, but it can actually be super cute and super helpful. And when you’re juggling three papers, two exams and a pop quiz all in the same week, you’ll be glad you have it by your side. To see all the best planner hacks and DIYS that will help you keep your life together, keep scrolling!

Make Your Own Tabs

Most planners come with side tabs, but if yours doesn’t (or if you’re DIY-ing your planner completely), sticky tabs are a super easy way to make your own. You can find them at any office supply store and all you have to do is write each month on a tab with permanent marker and stick ’em between the pages!

Use Different Pens to Color Code

Planners usually only have one large box to write in, so sometimes it’s hard to keep everything separated. To solve that problem, use different colored pens! Assign one color to each category to make things easier to keep track of. For example: all of your homework assignments are written in red, while your daily ‘to dos’ are written in blue!

Get Extra Organized with an Hourly Schedule Insert

Most planners have a separate section for each day, but some people are busy and need something more specific. If you fall into that category, download a printable hourly schedule insert! It will allow you to break down your entire day by the hour to help you stay on track no matter what.

Hack Your Washi Tape

Washi tape is every crafter’s best friend; it immediately makes anything look cuter! It usually only comes in one size, but it’s easy to customize the thickness. Just stick a piece to wax paper and use a paper trimmer or scissors to cut off whatever size you want. Then, peel the tape off the wax paper and it’s ready to use for making custom columns, rows, boxes and more!

Prettify Your Pages

As helpful as planners are, they’re not always the most exciting to look at. If plain, white pages feel a bit too drab, consider designing your own! This super helpful tutorial shows you how.