Polyamorous throuple wed in 3-way ceremony where both brides walk down the aisle

A polyamorous throuple plans to get married this weekend.

On Sunday, Jimmy Silva, 35, ChaCha VaVoom, 31, and Summer Peltier, 25, are getting hitched in a ceremony in California, US.

The trio, who have been dating for seven years, live together and sleep in the same large bed.

They hope the wedding will take their relationship to the next level – although proceedings won’t be legally binding.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, the triad spoke about their plans ahead of their big day.

Jimmy has been in her relationship with ChaCha for a decade.

They met at school and started dating in their late teens.

The pair have always been romantically open – ChaCha is bisexual so hoped to explore her sexuality with women too.

As Jimmy was open to this idea, it wasn’t too much of a shock when Summer came into their lives.

The trio soon noticed they shared a strong bond and decided to settle down with one another.

They have been together for seven years – and are more loved up than ever.

As a show of love to both of his girlfriends, Jimmy decided to pop the question in April.

In the romantic gesture, he presented both ladies with matching engagement rings.

Summer told Daily Star Online: “Jimmy proposed to us and it was very exciting.

“We had no idea what he was up to until the last minute. I looked to Chacha for approval and we both said yes.

“It was a very beautiful moment and even a more beautiful moment when we found out that our diamonds where cut from the same stone.”

The throuple immediately threw themselves into planning for their big day.

As they hoped to tie the knot during the festive period, they only had six months to get everything in place.

They also had to work out how to please their 20,000 Instagram followers – as some hoped to attend the occasion.

Summer explained: “It first started as a question on our Instagram story to see how many of our friends wanted to attend.

“We got back a very large response over 1,000 people wanted to RSVP.

“That would have taken us over our budget so we made a much smaller list of just our family and some friends. The list as of right now is 100 people.”

Jimmy, ChaCha and Summer hope their followers won’t be too disappointed.

To make it up to them, they will be sharing updates from the ceremony on their social media channels.

Summer added: “We plan to live stream our wedding so a lot of our polyamorous triads can attend online. “

The triad has also teased some information about the nuptials, which includes that both brides will be walking down the aisle.

While the trio's fans are really excited for the big day, the same can’t be said for everyone.

Jimmy admitted that his loved ones haven’t all been supportive of his relationship.

He said: “With my family it was very negative my family fired me from our family business and cut ties with me.

“Summer and Chacha's family were very open and accepting of the proposal and attending the wedding.”

Jimmy added that it’s also taken a while to win around some of his critics.

He explained: Jimmy added: “With our TikTok and social networks, we feel that people at first had a negative perspective on it and now have changed once they see all the positive content we put promoting polyamory relationships.

“We have been together for over seven years.”

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Once their day is complete, the throuple are heading off on honeymoon.

After all that wedding planning, they’re looking forward to kicking back in Thailand.

In the future, they are open to the idea of starting a family together.

But for now, it seems like they’ll just be enjoying wedded bliss.

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