Poundland shopper spends whopping £346 in one visit – filling up six trolleys

A woman has revealed her enormous £346 Poundland haul which filled up six trolleys and left her with a never-ending receipt.

Liyana, who does lifestyle vlogs on YouTube, said even staff were in awe at the purchases.

"It's really embarrassing, the staff have been at the till beeping our stuff for the longest time," she says.

Sharing her Poundland shopping spree with fans, she starts off by browsing the bathroom section where she grabs soap dispensers, tumblers, baskets and a succulent plant.

She then moves on to the kitchen area where she picks up some mixer glasses and jugs – £1.50 each. Liyana then she takes a bunch of basket organisers off the shelf – one each in different colours and different sizes.

She tells her partner: "Struggling already, we've got a lot more to spend. Look at all the bags we've got."

Liyana drags the heavy basket over to the party section and also grabs cutlery sets, table covers, food trays – all for just £1 each.

With two trolleys fully stuffed, Liyana has no choice but to check out the items before they can continue shopping for more.

The couple spent another hour or so in the store to pick up some Halloween and Christmas decorations.

"I'm gonna grab one each of all of the Halloween items," Liyana tells her partner. "I'm gonna be so embarrassed when we check out because we will be holding everyone up."

Next, they head to the Christmas aisle where she helps herself to some stocking fillers, candles and other festive light decorations.

At the counter, Liyana shows how many bags have gathered on the floor as the staff carry on checking out the remaining items.

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She says: "So we've spent £46 and this receipt here, it's so long. They were literally joking about how long it is, look at it.

"They took a photo and everything. We actually have staff helping us carry the stuff all the way to the car and I've got my hands full as well.

"That was a mission. Crazy, how nice was the staff, they were so good. He's gone out of his way to help us take all of these to the car."

Liyana spent a total of £346 in the store – such a huge haul that it had to be split over two receipts.

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