Produce expert: This is how to spot 'good' broccoli at the supermarket

I’m a veggie expert – these are the five industry secrets to picking the perfect broccoli at the supermarket

  • Leading Aussie grocery Thanh Truong has shared his top broccoli buying tips
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A professional fruit and vegetable supplier has revealed the five features you should look out for when you’re buying broccoli at the supermarket.

Thanh Truong, from Melbourne, is a leading produce supplier for Australian grocers and restaurants.

He recently shared that many Australians weren’t aware of the warning signs of stale or subpar quality vegetables.

Thanh asked shoppers to look out of several aspects of the cruciferous vegetable, including its bead size, stem girth, and loose florets.

The expert also recommended avoiding yellow and orange buds where possible.

1. What size are the broccoli’s beads?

The first step is to look at the vegetable’s beads – as an unevenness indicates poor growth.

What to look out for when buying broccoli? 

  • Make sure the beads are even
  • Pick thicker stems
  • Avoid yellow or orange buds
  • Don’t buy pieces with loose florets
  • Avoid flowering buds 

‘You should avoid broccoli with a mixture of small and large beads,’ Thanh advised. 

It could also mean that the vegetable will be bitter. 

2. Pay close attention to broccoli stems

‘A thicker stem means more nutrients went into it and the florets are going to taste better because it’s a healthier plant,’ the expert revealed.

Thin stems could also point to too much moisture or humidity and too little air circulation while the plant was growing.

3. Avoid yellow or orange buds

The grocer shared that warm-coloured stems are a sign of incorrect storage and a shortened shelf life.

‘Of course, if broccoli becomes soft or yellow, it’s still edible – and not to be wasted!’ he added.

The best place to store broccoli is in the refrigerator in a loosely wrapped or perforated bag.

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4. Loose florets signify decay

Thanh shared that if florets are breaking away from the main stem, the vegetable is dehydrated.

‘Texture wise, it’s going to be floppy,’ he said. ‘Broccoli that is firm will be much more crunchy.’

5. Avoid flowering buds

Flowering buds mean that the cruciferous vegetable was harvested too late.

‘If you see any broccoli buds that are protruding and about to flower – avoid them because it’s a sign that the broccoli was harvested really mature and it’s not going to be as tender and it could be,’ Thanh said finally.

Thanh Truong is a leading produce supplier for Australian grocers and restaurants

Many thanked Thanh for sharing his expertise.

‘Thank you, I can’t believe I never knew any of this!’ a woman said.

‘I really appreciate these grocery tips, they’re super helpful!’ exclaimed another.

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