Radford family fans brought to tears as mum-of-22 gets sentimental ring for Xmas

Britain’s biggest family, the Radfords, have finally released their Christmas vlog on YouTube.

Fans were delighted to get a glimpse of their riotous day, which involved the huge household tearing open gifts.

Mum Sue Radford got some well deserved presents after giving birth to her 22nd child in 2020.

Her husband Noel got her stunning jewellery that holds plenty of sentimental value.

In the video, the doting dad explained: “It's a new engagement ring as your other one broke".

Sue was chuffed and described the sparkler as "absolutely beautiful" as her kids gushed in the background.

It's not the only gift Sue received this year.

The mum opened a large gift and screamed when she unveiled the Shark vacuum inside.

She shouted: “How many times have I been saying I wanted a Shark hoover?

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

And she wasn't the only member of the Radford family to be well and truly spoilt.

The Radford parents previously revealed that they set aside between £100 and £250 for each of their children to get gifts on the big day.

It's not just their children who are involved either – their new grandchild Ophelia was also part of the fun this year.

Noel and Sue went all out as piles of presents lay in their living room.

The kids dressed in PJs and dressing gowns at the top of the stairs in their busy home – and the smallest ones discussed whether Father Christmas knock any tiles off the roof.

The whole family tore into their gifts in a scene of festive chaos and opened everything from Nintendos to dolls, boardgames, necklaces, Lego and more.

At one point, mum Sue said “you can’t move” as she was surrounded by piles of wrapping paper and excited little ones.

Sue and Noel received gifts from their older children – their brood ranges from age 31 to just eight months – including perfume, a designer jumper and choccies.

Fans were very impressed with the huge haul – and some even cried at the moment Sue got her new engagement ring.

One follower commented: "You are all so lucky. Well done Sue as well – you deserve it.

"Glad you all had a great day.”

Inside the Radfords garden with hot tub, huge sofas and a fully-functioning bar

A second said: "What a perfect Christmas morning filled with love and laughter.

"The ring Noel has brought you is so beautiful. It made me cry. "The love you have for each other is just wonderful."

And another added: "What a lovely family. That ring! Wow!

"They are so lucky to have one another and their lovely kids."

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