Retailers go head-to-head in battle of the Christmas adverts

Battle of the Covid Christmas clips! Retailers go head-to-head with their festive adverts as supermarkets Aldi and Asda release their offerings alongside Lego and Amazon

  • Asda released festive advert starring a family celebrating ‘different Christmas’
  • Sees father and children ‘making the most of holiday’ despite ‘smaller parties’ 
  • Lego shared a clip featuring reimagined version of ‘What A Wonderful World’ 
  • Earlier Aldi teased the release of its Christmas advert starring Kevin the carrot  
  • It comes as retailers go head-to-head to attract shoppers this Christmas   

Retailers are going head-to-head with their festive adverts amid the Covid-19 crisis, as supermarkets Aldi and Asda have released offerings alongside Lego and Amazon. 

Asda shared its Christmas advert earlier today, which features a father and Asda superfan Sunny, who decorates his home with bright lights and appears overjoyed as he receives groceries from masked delivery people. 

Meanwhile he appears to make the most of the different Christmas many might be facing across the UK, saying: ‘I guess Christmas is going to be different this year so let’s really make the most of it.’

It is the latest advert to be showcased amid a flurry of releases from retailers across the country, including Lego, Aldi and Amazon.  

Asda has become the latest retailer to release its heartwarming Christmas advert acknowledging a ‘different celebration this year’ amid the Covid-19 crisis

Lego has also released it’s Christmas advert today, which playfully brings the creations of children to life to a reimagined soundtrack of ‘What A Wonderful World’

Earlier today, Aldi released a teaser for it’s Christmas advert as retailers ramp up their advertising campaigns ahead of the holiday 

Asda’s offering sees a family come together for a ‘different celebration this year’, with the main character, a father called Sunny, saying: ‘The parties might be smaller, but we can still have great food and we can still party.

‘We can still make new friends and keep the old traditions. ASDA’s got it covered.

‘It’s the Christmas we all need at the prices we all want.’

ASDA bosses stated they hope the advert will ‘inspire customers to make the most of the season even if they’re spending more time at home’. 

It comes as a flurry of Christmas adverts are released, with giant Amazon showcasing its ad yesterday

The Chief Customer Officer Anna-Maree Shaw says: ‘At ASDA, we know how important Christmas is for our customers, this year more than ever before.

‘Christmas is going to be a little different for everyone, but through our ‘ASDA Price Christmas’ campaign, we want to reassure customers that everyone can have an extra special Christmas at the prices they want, which is why we’re keeping prices magically low.

‘With great quality products at great value across food, drink & home, customers can make the most of the festivities without having to compromise.’  

Meanwhile Lego also released a playful campaign celebrating the magic of everyday, and showcasing families coming together and experiencing the joyful, humorous adventures that children create and explore as they build, unbuild and rebuild.

Asda’s advert sees a family celebrating the holiday with a ‘smaller party’ but ‘really making the most of it’ amid the Covid-19 crisis 

In the heartwarming advert, the family can be seen enjoying the big day with ‘new friends and old traditions’ 

The advert is set to a bespoke reimagining of ‘What a Wonderful World’ recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Julia Goldin, Chief Marketing Officer, the LEGO Group, said: ‘Our new campaign is a celebration of the creative power and optimism that children possess. 

‘We’ve seen so many families building together this year, giving parents a chance to experience and appreciate how children can build, unbuild and rebuild the world around them using LEGO bricks. 

‘We want to inspire people of all ages to play and unleash their creativity this Holiday season.’ 

Meanwhile Lego’s playful advert begins with a family playing with their Lego toys at home, before the viewer is transported into a fantastical montage of scenes 

The clip shows the fantastical imaginings of children bought to life, with weddings, car chases and dance routines 

Supermarket Aldi unveiled a teaser of their new Christmas advert earlier today which sees the highly-anticipated return of Kevin the Carrot as he embarks on a Top-Gun inspired flight.

The nation’s favourite plucky vegetable, who has been the star of the store’s festive campaign for the last five years, is captured in a scene reminiscent of the 80s cult classic film.

He is seen cruising in a fighter jet, accompanied by wingman Lieutenant Turkey, before disaster strikes and Kevin is accidentally ejected mid-flight – leaving viewers wondering ‘#WhereisKevin?’

Aldi revealed the trailer online ahead of the full advert, which is expected later this month, and social media users were delighted by the festive teaser, with one person writing: ‘Thank god for Kevin. We need him more than ever this year to lift our spirits.’

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Meanwhile Aldi released a teaser for its advert, which will star Kevin, the nation’s favourite plucky vegetable (pictured after being accidentally ejected from the jet) is captured in a scene reminiscent of the 80s cult classic film

The advert, which was posted on Sunday, begins with Kevin flying a jet, accompanied by wingman Lieutenant Turkey.

Kevin appears at ease at the controls, showing off with some fancy flying and even upturning the aircraft as he encounters Father Christmas high above a snowy mountain range. 

The releases come after Amazon released its heartwarming Christmas advert yesterday.

The online giant shared it’s festive offering, which stars a determined ballerina who performs for her neighbours in the snow after her show is cancelled by the Covid-19 crisis.

Amazon’s advert stars French ballet dancer Taïs Vinolo, in the starring role as a young aspiring performer who dreams of taking on a big role 

The 2 minute clip, also available on YouTube, is brimming with tear-jerking moments, and features a dancer who is left devastated when her performance is cancelled due to the pandemic.

In the ad, the youngster’s family don masks as they organise a special outdoors show which sees the dancer perform for her neighbours at Christmas in the snow. 

Meanwhile TK Maxx became the first major high-street chain to acknowledge the Covid-19 crisis in its Christmas ad.

The high street retailer were second to fire off an early Christmas advert in the race to attract festive shoppers, behind Argos. 

The heartwarming advert sees the ballerina dancing across a city after her show is cancelled, before her family organise a performance in the snow for all of her neighbours 

The playful advert, which will hit the big screens Wednesday, begins with a cheerful goat walking by the farm on a snowy day, wearing a snazzy hot pink jumper with a turquoise scarf and a red beret.

It is then revealed the colourful garment has been gifted to ‘Lil Goat’ by the farmer, who says the animal ‘deserves the present after the year she has had.’ 

The advert, which is narrated by Love Actually star Bill Nighy, goes on to convey the message that after a rough year like 2020, which saw countries across the world grind to a halt due to the Covid-19 crisis, people deserve ‘great gifts.’

It had been predicted fans of Christmas adverts would be disappointed to hear that many would be scaled back this year with firms feeling the strain of the pandemic are projected to slash marketing budgets by £725million.

Mean while  TK Maxx became the second major high-street chain to fire off an early Christmas advert in the race to attract festive shoppers, behind Argos 

The annual blitz of festive promotions is set to be more muted as hard-hit retailers cut costs and brace for a slump in sales.

Marks and Spencer has already scrapped its Christmas clothing adverts and have instead turned to online influencers to showcase their products.

Advertising spend in the fourth so-called Golden Quarter is expected to sag by 10.5 per cent to £6.2billion, according to the Advertising Association and Warc. 

New lockdowns regulations announced on Saturday by the Prime Minister to tackle a resurgent virus has been blamed on the fall in advertising spend as retailers face reduced demand because of restrictions.

This year’s Argos Christmas advert sees two very cute sisters lust after a magic set, and then become to mini Houdinis performing to their family. The performance includes a festively adorned dachshund and sees the audience pause for breath before the girls complete their trick, to everyone’s delight

Cinema advertising is forecast to suffer the biggest slump of 66 per cent as the movie industry remains especially bruised by restrictions which closed cinemas and saw filming halted.

Radio advert spending will drop by 13 per cent, direct mail 12 per cent and TV 2 per cent, the AA predicts.

The analysis revealed total UK ad spend is set to plunge 14.5 per cent this year to £21.5billion. 

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