Revealed: The correct way to pronounce beauty brand names

Revealed: The correct way to pronounce the beauty brands we all stumble over – including L’Occitane and Illamasqua

  • From Aveda to Shu Uemura, many brand names are pronounced incorrectly 
  • This includes even some of world’s most famous brands, such as  Lancôme
  • Other beauty brands that trip people up are Byredo, Guerlain and Kérastase

It’s easy to get tongue-tied when pronouncing beauty brand names aloud. 

But now, experts at Harper’s Bazaar have come up with a handy guide to ensure you have your pronunciation down to a tee when requesting your favourite cosmetics.

From L’Occitane to Illamasqua, many brand names are prounounced very differently to how you might expect. 

Even the most famous beauty brands, including Lancôme, are often pronounced incorrectly by most. 


Pronounced:  ah-vay-da  

Natural beauty brand Aveda’s name comes from the Sanskrit word for ‘all knowledgle’.

Its founder Horst Rechelbacher launched the brand in the late 1970s in a bid ot create ‘holistic beauty through wellness’. 

Swedish brand Byredo, pronounced: bye-ray-doh, has gained cult status among beauty fans


Pronounced: bye-ray-doh 

Launched in 2006, Swedish brand Byredo has quickly gained cult status among beauty fans.

The brand’s name is a portmanteau of ‘By Redolence’, which means by the way something smells.   

Dr Hauschka

Pronounced: doctor howsh-kuh 

Founded by Austrian chemist Rudolf Hauschka, the Dr Hauschka brand has become known for its organic skincare range.

Since its first products launched in the 1960s, the brand has gone on to be stocked around the world – including at Marks & Spencer. 

Glossier, pronounced gloss-ee-ay, was created by Emily Weiss in 2010 and has become a favourite among millennials


Pronounced: gloss-ee-ay 

A favourite among the millennial demographic, Glossier was created by Emily Weiss in 2010 to ‘make beauty as much of an element of personal style as fashion’.

Known for its pretty packaging and natural-looking make-up, the brand’s products are perfect Instagram material.


Pronounced: gher-lahn 

French beauty brand Guerlain was first founded in 1828, making it one of the oldest cosmetic houses in the world.

The brand has had a number of celebrity ambassadors over the years, including Angelina Jolie. 

Illamasqua, pronounced illa-mass-ka, is a British brand that was founded by marketing guru Julian Kynaston in 1998 


Pronounced: illa-mass-ka 

Despite its unusual name, Illamasqua is actually a British brand that was founded by marketing guru Julian Kynaston in 1998.

The brand name is actually a combination of the words ‘illusion’ and ‘masquerade’.  


Pronounced: keh-ras-tass  

French brand Kérastase is known for its luxurious haircare products, used in salons around the world. 

Founded in 1964, the brand has gained a reputation for its specialists hair treatments – with the likes of Emily Ratajkowski being among its celebrity endorsers. 

French brand Kérastase, pronounced: keh-ras-tass, is known for its luxurious haircare products


Pronounced: lohn-cohm  

Lancôme was first founded as a perfume house in 1935, before expanding into other cosmetics products. 

The name of brand was inspired by the forest of Lancosme, in the La Brenne region, central France.  

The Lancôme name, pronounced lohn-cohm, was inspired by the forest of Lancosme in France


Pronounced: lox-ee-tahn  

Beauty brand L’Occitane means ‘the woman from Occitania’, an ancient geographic area in southern France.

The brand’s full name is  L’Occitane en Provence, but is commonly known as L’Occitane. 

Shu Uemura

Pronounced: shoo eh-moor-ah 

Japanese beauty brand Shu Uemura is named after its founder, who launched his first cosmetics company in 1967. 

The brand now has stores across the world, including London, New York, Paris and Hong Kong.   

Beauty brand L’Occitane, pronounced lox-ee-tahn, means ‘the woman from Occitania’ 

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