Revealed: The HEALTHIEST supermarket baby food on shelves

Revealed: The HEALTHIEST supermarket baby food on shelves – as Sainsbury’s launches a vegetable-focused range for little ones that includes katsu curry and dahl flavours

  • Sainsbury’s has launched 50 new baby food products as part of its own range
  • Its new dishes are packed with vegetables and steers away from sugary snacks
  • So how does Sainsbury’s new range compare to other similar products?

Baby food has undergone a revolution in the last few years, with brands offering more organic, vegetable-packed healthy products to parents than ever before.

Now Sainsbury’s is looking to cash in on the ultra-healthy baby food trend by launching an own-brand Littles Ones range containing 50 new products aimed at babies and toddlers between four months and three years old. 

The aim is to help youngsters enjoy vegetables more, with no sugary snacks as part of the range as brands look to reduce sugar content. 

Flavours in the range include sophisticated flavours such as katsu curry and chickpea dahl and Sainsbury’s says that many products are packed with fruit and vegetables to help little ones reach their five-a-day.

But how do they compare in terms of healthiness to similar products by well-known brands such as Cow & Gate, HiPP and Kiddyum? 

1. Apple and mango puree (4-6 months)

Sainsbury’s has just launched a new range of baby food products aimed at youngsters between four months and three years including this Organic Apple and Mango puree which contains just fruit

Sainsbury’s Little Ones Organic Apple & Mango puree has the least sugar of similar purees by Cow & Gate and HiPP. 

Sainsbury’s puree, for babies between four and six months, contains 8.5g of sugar, while both Cow & Gate and HiPP’s puree contain more than 9g. 

2. Baby porridge (6+ months) 

There are more than 50 items in Sainsbury’s new own-brand baby food range, including this Organic Porridge pouch for six month olds

Sainsbury’s new Little Ones Organic Porridge contains less sugar by a long way than Cow & Gate’s Creamed Porridge with Banana or Aptamil’s Creamed Porridge Cereal, both of which contain 10g.

Sainsbury’s baby porridge however only contains 2.6g of sugar, but it does contain slightly more salt than Cow & Gate and Aptamil’s products. 

3. Spaghetti bolognese puree (7+ months) 

Cow & Gate’s Scrummy Spaghetti Bolognese puree for seven-month-olds contains the least sugar of similar products on supermarket shelves

Cow & Gate’s Scrummy Spaghetti Bolognese Jar contains the least sugar of similar products on supermarket shelves with just 1.7g, and it also has barely any salt with just 0.06g.

Sainsbury’s new Little Ones Organic Spaghetti Bolognese with Cheese puree comes in second for having 2.6g of sugar.

HiPP’s puree contains 3.6g of sugar, while Kiddylicious’s Little Bistro Spaghetti Bolognese has the most of the four options with 3.8g.

4. Fish pie puree (6+ and 7+ months) 

Sainsbury’s tops the chart once again when comparing fish pie puree baby products as its new  Little Ones Organic Fish Pie Thick Puree 6+ Months contains just 1.2g of sugar.

Kiddylicious’s Little Bistro Fish & Vegetable Pie puree on the other hand contains more than double that amount with 3.1g of sugar.

5. Cottage pie ready meal (1-3 years) 

Kiddyum’s Cottage Pie for one to four-year-olds contains the least sugar compared to other similar ready meals

Kiddyum’s Kids’ Ready Meal Cottage Pie comes top of the 1-3 years cottage pie ready meals on supermarket shelves for containing just 3.1g of sugar.

The rest all contain more than 5g of sugar.

Kiddyum’s ready meal also has the least salt, with just 0.15g. 

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