Revealed! The best 25 jobs in the UK for 2020

The best 25 best UK jobs for 2020 revealed: Enterprise architect places at number one for pay and workplace satisfaction – but does YOUR profession make the list?

  • Glassdoor has announced annual report identifying 25 best UK jobs for 2020
  • 11 new jobs appear in new list, including DevOps Engineer and Product Designer 
  • Five of 25 jobs are technology-based – such as number one, Enterprise Architect
  • All jobs provide a median salary above the national average wage

January will see a 17 percent spike in job applications, according to one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites. 

To help job seekers identify roles they might want to consider, Glassdoor has announced its annual report identifying the 25 Best Jobs in the UK for 2020.

Enterprise Architect takes the top spot, marking the first time a tech role has topped the list. 

Product Manager and Operations Manager complete the top three, demonstrating opportunities for those with diverse skills and project management experience. 

Enterprise Architect took the top spot in Glassdoor’s top 25 best jobs in the UK for 2020. Pictured, the top 25

2019’s number 1 job – Audit Manager – and number 3 job – Marketing Manager – fall out of the 2020 list completely. 

Glassdoor’s report highlights the 25 best jobs based on a unique algorithm taking into account salary, number of job openings and job satisfaction.

Commenting on the findings, Amanda Stansell, Senior Economic Research Analyst at Glassdoor, said: ‘The jobs market continues to diversify as new skills emerge and new technologies change the world of work.’

‘As we enter a new decade for job seekers, the 25 Best Jobs in the UK for 2020 aims to highlight roles that are in demand, offer desirable salaries and also give workers job satisfaction.’

‘Enterprise Architect is the first technology role to be named the Best Job in the UK, beating marketing, finance and ops roles that have traditionally taken the top spot.’

‘With the highest salary of the 25 Best Jobs, this demonstrates that technology roles are not only offering attractive compensation but also offer an increasing level of highly-prized job satisfaction.’

‘That said, we see a wide variety of job fields in the Top 25. From sales, marketing and technology, through to HR, recruitment, engineering and more.’

‘Experienced job seekers from any of these fields are well placed to maximise the vast number of open roles that we see today.’

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