RHOP Star Robyn Dixon Reveals Which Housewife She Would 'Haunt' For Eternity (Exclusive)

The reality star was also tasked with choosing which cast member would be her first victim as a vampire.

Robyn Dixon got caught up in the spooky season by having a little fun teasing the other “Real Housewives of Potomac” cast members.

Chatting with TooFab, the reality star answered some Halloween-inspired questions involving her friends on the Bravo franchise, including who she would haunt for eternity, if Robyn just happened to be a ghost.

“Karen,” the mother-of-two immediately answered with a laugh, referring to Karen Huger. “I mean, I would just drive her crazy. I like picking with Karen. Just quietly. It would be when she least expects it, you know? Like she’s going into her closet, I’m going to like jump out at her and make her scared. I just wanna make her scared to go into like any room of her house. Yeah.”

She also offered up Karen as the Housewife who would pass out the worst candy for trick-or-treaters, saying, “She’ll probably give out like apples or something. Like peanut chews or something.”

As to which Housewife would wear the most risqué costume to a frightful fete, Robyn had no hesitation when she named Ashley Darby.

“Oh that’s Ashley for sure,” she said. “Well, first of all, she has an awesome body. She’s young and, you know, she’s not shy. I’ll say Ashley for sure.”

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There was little hesitation, as well, when Robyn was tasked with naming the first Housewife to get axed, literally, if the cast were caught up in a horror film and trying to survive the imaginary Potomac Slasher.

“Wendy,” Robyn responded, laughing once again and making knife motions in the air while referring to newbie Wendy Osefo. “She’s going to stand there and scream and he’s going to be like, ‘Stop screaming.'”

She picked herself, or course, to be the “final girl” in the horror movie mock-up, explaining how she would be “dodging and weaving” while running away from the homicidal maniac. After a recent physical altercation between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard, however, Robyn also considered Monique as the last one standing because she “might fight back.”

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And although Candiace was chosen as the first victim Robyn would sink her teeth into as a vampire, the Baltimore native rescinded her answer after it was explained that she would have to live forever alongside the intended bloodsucker.

“Oh, is that what happens in this version? Okay. Well, then I’m going to bite Gizelle’s neck,” Robyn detailed, suggesting her BFF Gizelle Bryant. “Like we got to do this together. Yeah, we got to do this together. I can’t like… come on now.”

In the off chance that the Bravo ladies held a séance to speak with one of the former “RHOP” stars, as they are often perceived as “dead” to Housewife fans anyway, Robyn had only Katie Rost and Charrisse Jackson Jordan to choose from.

After ho-humming for a moment, Robyn eventually went with Katie, saying, “She is actually quite funny, so I wouldn’t mind having her back, too.”

Watch the full clip above to find out what Robyn, her fiancé Juan and their two sons — Corey, 12, and Carter, 10 — will be dressing up for Halloween!

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