Rihanna Launches Savage x Fenty: Details 

A few weeks ago when word first spread that Rihanna was going to drop a lingerie and intimates collection, we were genuinely shook. BadGalRiRi not only pushes boundaries with her own aesthetic, but since coming on board with Fenty x Puma and delivering Us all the blessing that is Fenty Beauty, life has become infinitely more chic. The good news: from the looks of it, the same will be the case with Savage x Fenty.

The collection isn’t just huge in terms of variety of design, but like her cosmetics line before it, it truly does take in a wide variety of women and skin tones in its creation. Rihanna  gets that when it comes to product, inclusivity is king and thus she is our queen. She even got real about that factor at the Brooklyn launch party for the line on Thursday, May 10, saying, ““It was important to me to push the boundaries, but also create a line that women can see themselves in. I want to make people look and feel good, and have fun playing around with different styles. There are really no rules with lingerie, cute and edgy can live in the same collection. The line dares you to try something new while completely remaining authentic to yourself.”

In the hopes of honoring Ri’s desire for us all to try something new while remaining authentic to our personal taste and of course our diverse bodies, check out some of the highlights from the Savage x Fenty collection!

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