Rihanna’s make-up artist reveals her essential make up hacks 

How YOU can steal Rihanna’s glow: Star’s make-up artist reveals her surprisingly easy tricks – from setting brows with soap to colour-matching foundation on your shoulder

  • Make-up artist Priscilla Ono revealed the tricks she uses for Rihanna’s look
  • She advises matching foundation colour to your shoulder rather than face 
  • She recommends using a bar of soap and a clean mascara wand to set eyebrows 
  • Says face mist is ideal for setting make-up and keeping layers fresh  

Rihanna’s famously radiant glow is the envy of fans the world over, and now her make-up artist has revealed some tricks that can help admirers copy the star’s much-envied look.

Priscilla Ono, who is currently accompanying Rihanna on her Fenty Beauty tour, opened up to Harpers Bazaar about the quirky tricks she uses to keep the singer looking flawless. 

The beauty guru has created signature looks for everything from a natural daytime appearance to serious glamour for the red carpet. 

However, her best tricks are surprisingly easy to copy and don’t require the skills for an A-list make-up artist – including using soap to set your brows and matching your foundation shade to your shoulder.  

Make-up artist Priscilla Ono revealed how she achieve’s Rihanna’s (pictured) different looks at occasions such as film premieres, award shows and everyday outings

Priscilla (pictured right) has been doing the singer’s make-up from before the launch of Fenty beauty products


Priscilla revealed in order to choose the perfect foundation for Rihanna each day, she matches the colour to the star’s shoulders rather than her face.

‘We do this all the time because her skin tone changes all the time,’ she explained. She gets tan really easily but she also lightens up really easily.’

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She claimed the method is perfect for anyone whose face is lighter face than their body. 

To double check colour you simply place a cheek on your shoulder to ensure they match. 


She uses a brush to evenly apply Rihanna’s foundation before using a sponge to ensure a natural look in the areas which require less product.

‘Sheer it out in areas that don’t need so much coverage, that way the skin never looks cakey but still has coverage,’ she said.

Priscilla revealed she colour matches Rihanna’s (pictured at the Grammy Awards show) foundation with her shoulders 


Priscilla completes skin with a generous amount of Mario Badescu Facial Mist which she believes is essential especially for perfecting skin which can easily become dry.

The spritz gives skin a fresh appearance even if you’ve applied a lot of different layers of make-up. 


For lasting statement brows Priscilla uses the little known trick of using a clean mascara wand – to comb a bar of ordinary soap through brows.

She believes the method causes brows to stick in place whilst maintaining the illusion of a feathery natural look. 

 ‘It’s an old make-up artist trick,’ she explains, and ‘because everyone’s obsessed with an editorial brow, this really makes them stick.’   

Priscilla uses a brush to apply Rihanna’s (pictured at the Met Gala) foundation across her face and then uses a sponge in areas which require less product 

Rihanna’s eyebrows are kept in place with the use of bar soap claims Priscilla


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