Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Family Urging Him To Fight For Full Custody Of Daughter, 2 Mos., After Ex’s Arrest

After Jen Harley was arrested after allegedly beating and dragging Ronnie Ortiz-Magro with a car, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that the ‘Jersey Shore’ star’s family wants him to get his baby girl far away from his ex!

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, 32, was reportedly left bloody, bruised and beaten following an alleged incident with his ex, Jen Harley, 31 on June 24. Jen, the mother of Ronnie’s newborn daughter, was arrested for domestic battery, and as a source close to the Jersey Shore star EXCLUSIVELY shares with, the alleged incident has Ronnie’s family worried for his baby girl. “He’s getting pressured by friends and family to wrestle custody of his two-month-old baby Ariana Sky away from dangerous Jen.”

“Ronnie’s family fears for the baby’s safety after Jen’s recent spat of violence and arrest,” the insider also tells “Ronnie is hearing it from those closest to the situation that Jen is out of control. Ronnie’s family is encouraging him to do the right thing.” And that is? “Take care of his new baby and go to court for full custody before something tragic happens to his new baby.”

Jen and Ronnie reportedly attended a barbecue in Las Vegas – where Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is being filmed – with their baby. The two exes reportedly began arguing on the drive home, when Jen allegedly smacked Ronnie in the face. After she pulled over, he reportedly tried to get out of the car when he got caught in the seatbelt. Jenn allegedly started to drive away, dragging Ronnie and leaving him “bloodied and bruised” with a nasty road rash. “Jennifer Harley was arrested … for one count of misdemeanor domestic battery.  She is no longer in custody but she will be getting a court date and will have to appear at a later time and it will be up to the DA if they proceed to trial,” Officer Laura Meltzer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told

Ronnie and Jen had another alleged physical altercation earlier in June. While Ronnie was shooting Jersey Shore, Ariana reportedly showed up at the hotel where they were filming, furious that Ronnie wouldn’t tell him where Ariana was. She allegedly “lunged, spit [on] and shoved” Ronnie before hotel security got involved. This alleged incident came after they appeared to get into a physical confrontation on Instagram Live in April 2018, leading the two decided to call it quits soon afterwards.

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