Rosie Perez Could Testify in Harvey Weinstein Trial to Bolster Annabella Sciorra’s Rape Allegation

Rosie Perez could be taking the stand at Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi requested to bring Perez in as a witness, asking the judge in court on Friday afternoon. Should the request be granted, the D.A.’s office is hoping Perez can bolster actress Annabella Sciorra’s story that Weinstein raped her back in the early 1990’s.

Perez is relevant to the case because, according to Illuzzi, Sciorra had told Perez decades ago that Harvey Weinstein raped her.

Perez was on the original list of people who may be called in as a witness or referenced during the trial, along with other notable names, including Charlize Theron and Salma Hayek. (Neither Theron or Hayek have been called to testify.)

“We know it is true that Ms. Sciorra had been telling people that the defendant had raped her — one of those people was Ms. Perez,” the prosecutor said. “She told her that something bad happened to her.”

Yesterday, Sciorra testified for six hours. She said Weinstein showed up announced in 1993 or 1994 to her Manhattan apartment, barged into her home, unbuttoned his shirt, threw her on the bed, held her hands down and raped her. Sciorra says she tried to fight back, but she lost the fight, as her body began shaking in response to the attack, as if she were having a seizure.

Weinstein’s defense said in court that Sciorra’s story is not true, and Weinstein has maintained that all sexual relationships with any woman was consensual.

Illuzzi says weeks after the alleged rape, Perez called her friend Sciorra, and that’s when Sciorra told her that something bad had happened to her. She said, “I think I was raped,” but she did not reveal to Perez the name of the perpetrator. Years later, when Sciorra was in London filming a movie, she testified that Weinstein showed up to her hotel unannounced, and Sciorra told Perez on the phone, “I don’t want him to get me again.” At that point, the prosecutor says Perez connected the dots, and said to Sciorra, “Oh my God, Harvey Weinstein was the person who raped you!”

“Ms. Perez put together the fact that perhaps it was the defendant who had raped her that Ms. Sciorra did not reveal the identify of,” Illuzzi told the judge on Friday, adding that “Ms. Sciorra confirmed and provided more details” once Perez had figured out that Weinstein was Sciorra’s alleged rapist.

Attorneys for Weinstein argued that Perez should not be allowed to testify, since the story is hearsay.

Justice James Burke did not make an immediate decision regarding Perez. The judge said he’d have an answer later this afternoon, before court let out for the weekend.

Meanwhile, the NY Post reported that Perez was spotted sneaking into the courthouse on Friday, shortly before the prosecution asked the judge to allow her to be called on as a witness.

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