Rumor: Apple Watch Series 4 To Get Bigger Screen & Other Notable Updates

New rumors are circulating predicting what Apple Watch users can expect from the next version, which will presumably be released later this year.

According to Forbes, Ming-Chi Kuo has once again released leaks regarding Apple products hitting the market later this year. As Apple lovers know in the past, Kuo has leaked or predicted accurate information regarding Apple products before the company made them public.

The Apple Watch, which is presumably going to be called Apple Watch Series 4, will have a few notable updates. Fans may or may not like the design. According to Kuo, the new Apple Watch design will be strikingly different from its predecessor. It has been four-years since the original watch was released, so it fits with Apple’s timing of redesigning products.


It will have the same shaped screen, rectangular with rounded corners but will likely increase in size. One of the complaints of the current watch is in regards to the the screen, which many complain is not big enough to read emails and texts efficiently. Kuo predicts it will increase in size by about 15 percent— this does not sound like a lot, but it is enough to make a difference in reading.

Those who are worried the bigger screen will result in a clunky watch should not worry. The new display will stretch out to the end of the watch, and if Apple adds narrower bezels around the screen, the size should not change drastically. It is the same edge-to-edge display revealed in the Apple iPhone X.

The battery life of the Apple Watch is expected to get better but not like you can wear it for days without charging it better. All features added will be to maintain and develop the current battery. Developing a longer lasting battery would change the size of the watch. Kuo believes Apple does not want the Apple Watch to be bigger than the current design.

One upgrade users will enjoy is the new sensors that are designed to add extra functionality to the health monitoring section of the watch, including a heart rate monitor that delivers a more accurate heart rate monitor is expected in the new functionality.

A price for the Apple Watch Series 4 and release date has not been unveiled yet. Apple generally unveils new product information and release dates in the fall, so users will have to wait a couple of months to see if Kuo’s predictions were correct or not.


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