Ryan Gosling and Jimmy Kimmel Tried Being Astronauts Together — We Can't Stop Giggling

If you’re planning on going to space, even “fake space,” make sure you bring someone as funny as Ryan Gosling or Jimmy Kimmel with you. Ryan stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on June 8, and naturally the two took a quick trip out of Earth’s atmosphere to discuss Ryan’s new movie, First Man, about astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Jimmy came prepared for the “first talk show interview in outer space” with a variety of questions that made Ryan rolls his eyes and chuckle at the same time. “These are the questions?” Ryan joked. “I bring you all the way up to space!” While the 37-year-old actor isn’t sure he and Jimmy could stand each other for a full two-week space mission, we’d sure like to see them try! Watch the above video for more fun, out-of-this-world hijinks between the duo, and make sure to check out what Ryan said about his daughters in the rest of his late-night interview.

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