Sandra Bullock Can Only Tell These 2 Crazy Stories from the Ocean’s 8 Set

As the lead character in Ocean’s 8, the star-studded, all-female reboot of the heist franchise, Sandra Bullock is well-versed in both the secrecy and the fanfare surrounding the film. Which is why when asked for her most entertaining stories about the powerhouse cast, InStyle’s June cover star had to stop herself from revealing top-secret spoilers, adding “The operative phrase being ‘that I can share.’”

But she did share two telling anecdotes to hold us over until the film hits theaters June 8 about what went on behind the scenes and in the cast trailers. “For some reason what’s coming to mind is that Helena Bonham Carter was like a cat. I could take the laser pointer, and just at random moments I would point the laser pointer on the floor and she would jump out of the chair and follow it like a human cat. It was incredibly impressive,” Bullock shares in the video at top.

Bonham Carter wasn’t the only actress who joked around on set. “Sarah Paulson trying to sing like Rihanna. Never sounded like Rihanna. But she tried!” Bullock jokes. “We had a pretty good time.”

Carter Smith/Copious Management. Louis Vuitton dress.

In the video, Bullock dutifully answers questions from fans, spelling out often brutally honest etiquette tips along the way. For one thing, she’d like you to know that red carpets are never as glamorous as they seem.

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“It’s scary doing red carpets. You’re usually in something that doesn’t fit as well as it should, because you ate too much on your last movie. I don’t think anybody feels as good as they might end up looking on the red carpet,” she shares.

For more from Bullock, watch the video above and pick up the June issue of InStyle, available on newsstands, on Amazon, and for digital download on May 11.

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