Santa Clause sets off from the Arctic Circle for his annual journey

The most wonderful time of the year! Santa Claus departs from Lapland’s Rovaniemi as he embarks on his annual journey around the world in heartwarming video

  • Santa Claus, who lives in Rovaniemi, set off for his annual journey this evening
  • Posting on YouTube, encouraged people to come together for Christmas 
  • Heartwarming clip has racked up thousands of views from around the world  

Father Christmas has begun spreading festive cheer by taking to social media to reveal he is setting off on his annual journey around the world.

Posting on YouTube, Santa Claus, explained that he is ready to leave snowy Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle ahead of this year’s festivities.

He shared heartwarming clips of people coming together to play in the snow, sing carols and bring their children to meet him for photographs.

Before jumping on his reindeer pulled sleigh, Santa highlighted the meaning of Christmas, saying: ‘The year has been very special again and I have talked a lot with people about a wide variety of things. Many people have asking lately, what Christmas really is, what is it all about. 

Santa Claus (pictured) has shared a heartwarming video about the meaning of Christmas as he prepares to set off from Rovaniemi

Santa (pictured) urged people to consider how children and young people have been affected by the uncertainties of the past two years

‘Christmas is about having fun and relaxing. Christmas is about meaningful moments. Christmas is about giving time to your close ones. Christmas is about long nights and magical times. 

‘We have been living in this very extraordinary time for two years. It is quite a long time for all of us, but just imagine what it must feel like for a six-year-old child.

‘These times have lasted for almost a third of their lifetime. I have heard some worrying news about the wellbeing and coping of children and young people around the globe.

‘Now it is time to turn these worries into plenty of goodwill. Let’s give time to children and young people, and do something together.

‘Let’s make this Christmas happy and unforgettable for everybody. Christmas is about heart full of hope. I wish you all a very merry Christmas.’

Santa encouraged people to make Christmas ‘happy and unforgettable’, while adding that the season is about a ‘heart full of hope’

The heartwarming clip has already racked up over 3,000 views with people from around the world sharing gratitude for the message.

One person wrote: ‘You’re right Santa the kids of the world deserve so much better than this. I have two boys 10 & 20 years old and these two years have been challenging for us all.

‘Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and wonderful music! We enjoyed it! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all and God bless you & yours! Be good to one another.’

Another said: ‘Thanks for very beautiful, impressive video and great song! Yes, yes a lot of kids is waiting for you dear Santa Claus’

People from around the world have praised the uplifting message and shared their eagerness to celebrate the holiday 

Sanna Kärkkäinen who is the Managing Director of Visit Rovaniemi, explained that the video was put together to celebrate the selfless of people throughout uncertain times. 

Sanna said: ‘Santa Claus hears the world through the annual visitors and the letters he receives. Even through the uncertain times he reads the joy and good wishes of the children and the selflessness of the people. And through this moment before Christmas, we want to share the thoughts and message of Santa Claus to people all over the World.’ 

Supporting Santa Claus on his spectacular journey from Finland are Finavia, Fintraffic and Finnish Meteorological Institute. 

Sanna Kärkkäinen of Visit Rovaniemi, said the video was made to celebrate the selfness of people all over the world 

‘Smooth flight planning ensures that Santa’s trip is safe, fast and environmentally friendly,’ says Riikka Pusa, Leader of Aviation and Defence in Finnish Meteorological Institute. 

The three operators help planning Santa’s route, the use of airspace and aviation weather forecasts to ensure that Santa can fly in the best tailwind and avoid the most difficult weather. 

Santa has a special permission to land on any Finavia airport to refuel, that is, to feed the reindeers and have a meal. 

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