Saved By The Bell Star Reveals Her First Kiss Was Not On Set

Sorry Saved By The Bell fans Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, who played Kelly on the hit show revealed her first kiss wasn’t on set.

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen recently sat down with E! News to promote her new show, Alexa & Katie which can currently be seen on Netflix. The hosts played a clip of the show which shows Thiessen talking with her TV teenage daughter about first kisses.

“I had a first kiss that didn’t count,” Thiessen says on the TV show. “Yeah, it was tenth grade and he was football player… his name was Zack, uh… it started with an M… anyways.” Of course, the hosts asked Thiessen if Mark-Paul Gosselaar who played heartthrob Zack Morris was really her first kiss or if her first kiss really happened on the show.

“No,” Thiessen laughed. “Gosh, no.” Diehard fans of Saved by the Bell might be disappointed to learn this little tidbit since Zack and Kelly’s onscreen romance seemed so real back then. Though they were before the time of couple mashup names (Zelly) they were definitely #relationshipgoals for teens who watched the show religiously.

These days, Thiessen is keeping busy both on screen and at home with her two children— a son and a daughter—with husband, fellow actor Brady Smith. In fact, Thiessen admitted that her daughter is a huge fan of “Alexa & Katie.” “My daughter is obsessed with the show already,” Theissen said. “She went to almost every single taping.”

Though Alexa & Katie deals with a teenager who is battling cancer, Thiessen insisted that the show is a comedy. “It has a lot of heart,” she said. “There’s a lot of laughter to it. It’s a total sitcom. It’s a family show.” She went to state that almost all of us have been touched by cancer in some way and the show just depicts how people go about their lives while battling the disease. If you miss Zack and Kelly and all of their drama, check out “Alexa & Katie” for a little bit of nostalgia throwback.

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