Scott Wolf & "Real World" Star Wife Kelley Limp Make Rare Public Appearance Together

What a cute couple, right?

"The Night Shift" star Scott Wolf stepped out for interviews with his wife, "Real World: New Orleans" alum Kelley Limp, on Monday afternoon — their first public appearance in 5 years!

While they often post photos together on social media, it was a real treat to see them doing press together at Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show earlier today.

Limp, 39, looked gorgeous as ever alongside her former "Party of Five" star husband, sporting a floral romper and long blonde locks. Wolf looked handsome in a black jacket, navy t-shirt and matching pants.

While on Andy’s show, the two were asked if they’d ever do a show about their lives now, since Kelley has a past in reality TV.

"That’s been thrown at us here and there," Wolf told Andy, who said he’d be more than happy to produce it as a "half hour, friendly" series with "a positive vibe."

"We’ve been talking about it, we’ve been thinking about it," added Limp.

"The whole cameras with the kids thing is kind of a deal breaker," Wolf interjected. "Maybe if we could just have cardboard cutouts of the kids?"

"The show just fell apart," joked Andy, successfully killing any hope of a series starring the Wolfs.

My life at home is 80% dream come true…20% daycare center.

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Scott and Kelly have three children together. The two married in 2004, meeting after Wolf saw her on the MTV series.

"I had this crazy moment where I was living in LA, and I was dating — and I wasn’t really finding my person," he said in an interview last year. "And I saw an episode of the show, and she was like in the kitchen talking with somebody. Probably Danny. And I was like, ‘Where is that girl in my life?’ And then I moved to New York and a friend called me and was like, ‘I met your wife.’ He didn’t say, ‘I met a girl.’ He said, ‘I met your wife.’ And so I wound up calling her."

Looks like that call was worth it!

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