Secret relationship with my engaged friend had to end but now I'm devastated

DEAR DEIDRE: SOME of my friend’s mates nearly caught us kissing and now she says it is too risky to carry on seeing me in secret.

It has hit me harder than I expected.

I’m a man of 27 and my friend is 26. She’s been engaged for two years.

She says she has a lot to lose and we should be just friends.

She has told me that, no matter what, she will always want me and will continue to have feelings for me, as I do her.

I do still want to be friends with her but am devastated.

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DEIDRE SAYS: If you will never be more than just a reassuring backstop, you are best with a clean break.

She’s engaged to another guy so should never have led you on. As long as you keep seeing her, you will keep hankering after her.

Tell her you accept her choice, so will move on. Once you’ve weaned your-self off her, you’ll be free to fall for someone who will love you wholeheartedly.

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