Selena Gomez’s Been ‘Putting Away’ Music For 2 Years: More Songs About Justin & The Weeknd?

‘Back To You’ is just the beginning, Selena Gomez fans. Sel revealed in a new interview that she’s had music in the works for two years, and she’s getting ready to unleash it. Any songs about past BFs, maybe?

Selena Gomez, 24, blessed the world with her new song, “Back To You”, from the 13 Reasons Why season 2 soundtrack on May 10, and the surprises didn’t stop there. Selena appeared on Zane Lowe‘s Beats 1 radio show that same afternoon and confessed that she has a lot in store for the next year. We have new music to look forward to! “I have so many exciting things coming. It just feels like it’s my time and it’s at my pace. I’m not trying to like throw a bunch of music in people’s faces until I’m ready,” she told Zane.

“We (her team) are also trying to figure out a fun way to take our time. There’s no date, there’s no idea for it, but I have a lot of music that I’ve collectively put away…this has been building for maybe two years,” she said. That’s so exciting! You can listen to Selena’s full Beats 1 interview below. Selena didn’t give any more info as to what the songs are about, but judging by “Back To You”…we have a few ideas. Yes, the song was released to promote 13 Reasons Why, but there are so many lyrics that seem to be about her on-again, off-again romance with Justin Bieber, 23. For example: “Let a couple year water down how I’m feeling about you” and “Everybody knows we got unfinished business.”

In the past two years, not only did Selena rekindle her tumultuous relationship with the Biebs, but she also dated, and broke up with, The Weeknd, 27. There’s major drama there to discuss via song! Selena told Zane that this new music almost didn’t happen because she was scared about making another album.

I was really happy with Revival, but at the same time I was terrified of doing another record,” she said. “Because for me, it could be like it was a step down, or I needed to beat that record, and I think every artist kind of struggles with that. So I waited. I wanted it to be great and had I not waited a good year or two I wouldn’t have had the best songs I’ve ever had.”

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