‘Sense of poise’: Meghan Markle ‘keen to show her fun side’ in new 40th birthday video

Meghan Markle releases 40×40 birthday message on Archewell

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Meghan Markle, mum-of-two and wife to Prince Harry, turned 40 years old today. In celebration of her birthday, a video was shared onto the Archewell website today which saw Meghan and actress Melissa McCarthy who helped her launch the campaign.

The duo appeared on a Zoom call where they had a scripted comedic conversation about Meghan’s 40th birthday plans.

After joking about her plans, the Duchess explained that she would be launching the new project.

She said: “Because I’m turning 40, I am asking 40 friends to donate 40 minutes of their time to help mentor a woman who’s mobilising back into the workforce.

“Over 2,000,000 women in the US alone and tens of millions around the world have lost their jobs due to Covid.

“I think if we all do it and all commit 40 minutes to some sort of active service we can create a ripple effect.”

Appearing for the first time since daughter Lillibet was born, body language expert Judi James explained that Meghan was “keen to show her fun side” in the video.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Judi said: “There is an emphasis on three body language themes from Meghan in this new 40th birthday video: firstly an air of total relaxation and calm, secondly a sense of fun and humour that appears prompted or even ‘released’ by this inner calm, and thirdly an ongoing sense of poise and almost regal elegance and effort that underlies the more chilled vibe here.

“This is very much A-list casual, with soothing styling and even a dog sound asleep on a cushion on the floor. 

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“Meghan’s look is totally healthy, looking up into the camera with no signs of tension or self-protective traits. 

“It might be Melissa doing the comedy during this video but it is Meghan taking the gentle ribbing, joining in and smiling as Melissa teases her about her garden photos, her chickens and her roles as a royal and in Suits.

“Harry is even on-hand to provide a very choreographed-looking ‘outtake’ and the suggestion is that Meghan is keen to show her fun side here, the trait that has always been Harry’s signature look but which appeared to run out as the pressures started to show when the couple left the Royal Family.”

Judi added that the video shows that Meghan “can do humour just as enthusiastically as her husband”.

The expert went on to explain that although the video shows her fun side, Meghan’s body language mood does “change to something more serious as she switched to discussing her campaign’s links to her birthday celebrations.”

For the occasion, the Duchess wore a stunning white midi dress with a white cardigan loosely placed on top.

She added a pair of beige stiletto heels to the look which could just be seen underneath her marble table.

The Duchess accessorised the look with some gold jewellery including a star sign necklace and a bangle.

Her necklaces appear to form constellations for star signs, most likely to represent Archie and Lillibets Zodiac signs.

The former suits actress has often worn star sign necklaces, to represent both Prince Harry and baby Archie.

Meghan styled her brown locks in a casual low bun and framed her face with some wavy loose pieces of hair.

She added her signature natural makeup to complete the look, opting for a glossy lip.

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