‘Shadowhunters’ Star Alisha Wainwright: Maia Will ‘Battle’ With Whether Or Not She Can Forgive Jordan

Will she or won’t she? Now that we know about Jordan and Maia’s past, will she be able to forgive him? Alisha Wainwright told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that this question will be one of Maia’s main struggles this season.

Jordan and Maia have quite the emotional history. Not only is Jordan Maia’s ex, he’s also the person who turned her into a werewolf. Even years later, Maia is still dealing with the trauma of what Jordan did to her, and the May 1 episode showed us what Jordan’s been through since he realized what he did to Maia.

The former couple finally talked things out, but Jordan didn’t receive Maia’s forgiveness at the end of the episode. Not yet. HollywoodLife talked to Alisha Wainwright EXCLUSIVELY about Maia and Jordan’s relationship going forward. Because she’s still dealing with what happened, Maia is going to “continually battle” with forgiving Jordan. But they are going to have to work together to save Simon in upcoming episodes of Shadowhunters. Check out our full Q&A below!

What was it like to finally pull back the curtain on Jordan and Maia’s past?
Alisha Wainwright: I learned the meaning of patience. I knew that this story was going to come out, it was just a matter of when. They had talked about doing these flashbacks scenes from the start of the season, so every script I was like a little kid at Christmas wondering when we were going to get to it. I’m really glad that we see both sides of the story. We got a taste of it in season 2, and you kind of got a sense of why Maia has all these walls up, why is she so rigid with other people, and not willing to be vulnerable. And then you kind of find out why, and you see this beautiful relationship that she had with someone who she was truly in love with, only to be horribly confused about why he would do something so traumatic. I think the episode was so great, not only for the flashbacks, but the final scene they shared. She listened to him while also still standing her ground about why she was hurt. I think maybe in another show they would wrap that up and she’d be like, “I forgive you. Thank you for telling me the truth.” But she’s like, no. You really hurt me. I appreciate you saying you’re sorry, but I’m still really hurt. Don’t do what you did to me to Simon, so this is your chance to prove you’re worthy of redemption. I think that’s so beautiful because it’s so true to how Maia feels about life and right and wrong. She has very clear boundaries. I’m so proud of the way the episode finished with her still being strong while also letting him know that he really did hurt her. He devastated her.

He changed her entire life in an instant.
Alisha Wainwright: You can use this as a reflection for trauma in so many aspects of life for men and women. When you open yourself up to a relationship, you’re putting yourself at risk because you’re putting your faith in this person hoping they’ll be good with your heart.  Not only did he leave her on a personal level by creating this hostile relationship in which she had to break up with him, but he also turned her into a werewolf! He completely upturned this girl’s life. I think through the season, you will see her continually battle with what it means to forgive someone and how to move on from trauma.

Is forgiveness even possible? Does she even want that at the moment?
Alisha Wainwright: I think that me, personally, there’s always faith in your heart to forgive. I think there’s a point in your level of understanding of what happened that kind of dictates that forgiveness, in my opinion. Having his point of view is a crucial element. Seeing how this person changed, if they are remorseful, if they are continually bringing up the bad feelings that I feel, these are the ways that you process forgiveness. I learned so much about handling trauma throughout this season because the entire journey for Maia in season 3 will be about forgiveness and understanding and whether she does it or not. I think it’s in her consciousness that this is something she’s battling with, and it’s really up to her whether or not she can forgive him.

In the upcoming episode, Maia has to work with Jordan. What’s it going to be like for them as they navigate this new terrain?
Alisha Wainwright: I think with seeing these flashback scenes and not having a dialogue with Simon, it’s easy to forget that they’re in a relationship at this stage. You have to remember that Simon and Maia care about each other very, very much. In that final scene, she makes it clear that she really cares about this person, so you can’t neglect them, too. That’s not showing that you’ve made any progress in your life in the way that she think sis redeemable. As much as they understand that it’s an awkward situation, they all come together with the sole purpose of trying to help Simon But human emotions take over, and we’re going to see how that plays out.

Is Jordan going to be actively trying to get Maia’s forgiveness?
Alisha Wainwright: I think in this next episode he’s going about it in a way that’s almost annoying to Maia. It’s almost too good too soon, rather than be trepid about it, he tries so hard to be sweet with her. Obviously, some people just don’t know what to do when they’ve done something wrong. When you’ve done something terrible to someone, it’s going to take more than just being nice to get them to forgive you.

You and Chai have the best chemistry. What’s it been like working with him?
Alisha Wainwright: I got to meet him at our table read together, but our characters hadn’t met yet, so we actually introduced ourselves and then I set up a dinner with him. It was actually really funny. He came to our dinner with the script because he wanted to talk about it, but I just wanted to get to know him. He put the script down and we just talked about life, about family, and really just kind of let our guards down and talked to each other. In those moments, that’s when you capture things that are really genuine to the person, so then you can infuse those things into your work. I very much enjoy working with Chai. He’s so honest and so much wants to do it right and pay homage to the book and to the show. Having his enthusiasm on set made it that much easier to be proud of the work you’re doing. I think at first I was personally like, “Oh my gosh, do Chai and I have chemistry? I don’t actually know.” And everyone was like, “Oh, you totally do.” It wasn’t until the end of wrapping, like now, that Chai and I are now super close. Just to see the evolution of our chemistry I think compliments the journey Maia and Jordan take.

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