Sharna Burgess Reveals Her Dream ‘DWTS’ Partner Ahead Of Cast Announcement

Ahead of her return to the ‘DWTS’ stage, Sharna Burgess talked with about the upcoming season & how she plans to finally win the Mirror Ball!

Red-headed, Australian bombshell Sharna Burgess is a brilliant advocate for women and untouchable on the dance floor! The Dancing With The Stars pro spoke to about her *dream* partner as she heads into what will be her 11th season! “I’ll say Zac Efron or, I always would say Hugh Jackman because I think he’s just an amazing Aussie. He can dance pretty dang well and I think he would just be an awesome man to have on the show!” Sharna laughed while chatting to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “But honestly, I am excited to dance with someone that is just in it. I’ve had some incredible partners along the way that have had beautiful stories for me to tell, and my favorite thing about Dancing With The Stars is that I get to tell people stories.” The 33-year-old continued, “For me, when I get to create something with truth to it its the biggest honor in the world to me. James Hinchcliffe, Noah Galloway, there are so many stories. When I get to do things like that, that is what I live for as an artist.”

Sharna is undeniably a crowd-favorite and has been a three-time runner-up during her tenure on the show. “it will happen when its meant to!” she said on winning the highly-coveted Mirror Ball. “The fact that this show that I love so much, that has become my family, gives me the platform to do that, to do my story telling, its so wonderful for me.” The best thing is that until the Sept. 24 premiere of the 27th (!) season of Dancing With The Stars, you can practice your moves with Sharna via her online Dance Cardio Series!

“You’re not just getting fit, but you’re revving up to use your body in a very new and exciting way, and when you understand your body and how to move it, you begin to walk like a dancer, and you begin to move like a dancer, and you begin to have this body confidence like a dancer,” she said of her upbeat cardio classes, which includes The Cha Cha and a Wedding Dance Class. “We’ve all learned when we were kids how to own and appreciate our body, how to move it with confidence, and it becomes a whole new empowered feeling when you feel like you can dance.

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