Shawn Mendes Reacts Voice Cracking, Vocal Fails Compilation

Shawn Mendes is the resident guest on James Corden‘s Late Late Show this week, and while he was in the hot seat (read: the interview couch), the host took the opportunity to embarrass the “In My Blood” singer just a little… okay, A LOT, by showing him a montage of his voice cracking at shows in the past.

The 19-year-old is obviously super uncomfortable when the compilation starts playing and even tells the audience he didn’t approve the segment at all. It is pretty cringe-worthy, but also super adorable, so we recommend you just check out the clip:

Thankfully, Shawn can put all those embarrassing vocal slip-ups behind him, because he’s well past puberty and absolutely killing the vocal game at the moment. We mean, have you HEARD his falsetto in “Nervous.”

Besides completely embarrassing the Canadian crooner with the voice-cracking compilation, James also complimented his guest on his signature feature: that perfect head of hair. The British man asked Shawn if he would ever dye it, to which the audience gave out a resounding cry of “NOOOOOOO!”

But despite the overwhelmingly strong feelings his fans in the audience had against the idea, the teen admitted that he WOULD change up his locks.

“I’d go red,” he said. “I wanted to when I was a kid, a lot. But I never ended up doing it.”

You do you, Shawn! But maybe the red should be reserved for a Ron Weasley Halloween costume? Ya know, since he loves Harry Potter so much…

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