Simple hack for storing baking trays hailed as a game-changer

There’s a familiar sound that most of us will hear before making dinner each night. It’s the sound of all the piled-up baking trays falling out of the cupboard as you try to get the one you need out. Every time.

TikToker Mama Mila may have come up with the solution to this, though, and it involves using a common office product.

Rather than storing her roasting tins on top of each other, she used an office filing rack to create a separated holder for each one to be placed horizontally.

The specific filing rack she’d bought was from Target in Australia and cost her $7, but you can buy similar ones here in the UK from office supply stores.

For example, this one from Viking Direct will set you back less than £3, or you can get a stylish rose gold option from eBay for under £8.

Since Mama Mila’s TikTok was uploaded earlier this month, it has been viewed over 50,000 times.

Although it seems so simple, it’s been praised by her followers for offering an inexpensive way to save space in the home.

‘You have answered my prayers!’ one person said.

‘Where have you been all my life? This is a game-changer,’ said another.

Particularly if you do a lot of baking, this hack means you’ll no longer suffer the nightmare of opening the cupboard and falling victim to an avalanche of tins.

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