Single mum trolled for putting six kids in one bedroom hits back in best way

A woman transformed her two-bedroom council property after negative backlash from trolls online.

Nicole Wong began sharing her family life in a bid to give a glimpse into what parenting is like for a single mum-of-six.

But she was mortified when she received abuse and racist comments over her children's sleeping arrangements.

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The youngsters all sleep in the same bedroom.

Nicole, 31, is mum to Nyala, 12, Nevaeh, 11, Neesha, eight, Nathaniel, seven, Neiko, four, and Nikita, two.

She managed to put her kids in the same room with two bunk beds, two single beds and a double bed.

Now after being slammed as "neglectful" on TikTok, Nicole has changed the sleeping arrangements, reports Leeds Live.

She has three of the children in a bedroom and gave up her room to move her own bed downstairs.

Nicole said: "The comments have been awful, it's all been very overwhelming.

"I've had people telling me contraception is free and maybe I should try keeping my legs shut.

"I've also had racist comments about my children and just basically accusing me of being an unfit mum."

She said the whole point of her videos what to show the reality of parenthood.

"It's easy to say don't let it bother you but it does, I'm a good mum," she added.

"My kids are happy, they love all being together."

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Nicole decorated one of the rooms for the boys and she's in the middle of making a second bedroom for the girls.

The mum moved herself downstairs as she's not bothered about having her own bedroom.

She admitted to feeling "pressured" in doing so after the negative comments.

Speaking about the situation, Nicole continued: "I felt forced into doing it but maybe it gave me a kick up the backside.

"I'm generally very headstrong but all the negative comments were really overwhelming.

"I'm constantly bidding on the council list, I don't plan on being here forever.

"Obviously it would be amazing to have a bigger house and so more space but I can't do anymore than I'm doing.

"I can only work with what I've got and as long as my children are happy then so am I."

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