Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Calls It 'Super Embarrassing' Kody Was No Longer Attracted to Her

"I just got to thinking you know what? It really just goes both ways," says Christine — as Robyn reveals how she would have handled the situation.

“Sister Wives” star Kody Brown and his now-ex-wife Christine Brown detailed the end of their relationship on Sunday night’s “Sister Wives: One on One” special — as they both shared more insight into what they were feeling when they separated for good.

The pair announced their split in 2021 and, on the show, Kody was seen telling Christine that he was no longer attracted to her because she wasn’t “loyal” to him. Speaking out in the special — in which she, Kody, Meri, Janelle and Robyn were all interviewed about the past season separately —  Christine explained how that made her feel at the time.

“To hear he wasn’t attracted to me, it’s was terrible to hear and it’s super embarrassing, right?” she said.

Christine Brown Reveals How Kody Brown Admitting He Wasn't 'Attracted' To Her Changed Everything

“I just got to thinking you know what? It really just goes both ways,” she continued. “I really just wasn’t attracted … after he said that I was kind of like, ‘Oh, well then I’m done. It’s over.’ It was almost a relief. I’m not going to keep fighting for this or trying if you’re not attracted to me. So everything that I’ve done for you and for the family means nothing.”

Kody, however, told the host he felt his ex was “playing a game.” “From the time we were married, manipulation, pouting, temper tantrums, just behavior things,” he then added, before claiming Christine “lost her s—” when he told her he was hoping to reconcile with Meri following her catfishing scandal.

We didn’t get a full reaction to that claim in this episode, but a promo for Part 2 did include Christine saying, “That’s really actually frustrating and offensive right now. There’s no way I would not support him and Meri having a great relationship. I would never do that.”

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Says He Considered Reconciling with Meri After Catfishing Scandal

At one point, Robyn was also asked how she’d handle the situation if Kody ever said he was no longer attracted to her.

“This is the thing. I’d march his butt into a therapist so fast. I would not allow him not to talk to me,” she said. “I don’t allow that. We’re going to talk. We’re going to work this stuff through.”

When asked by the host how you “force someone to be attracted to you,” Robyn admitted that you can’t — before adding that she believes Kody’s “attraction” is based on a person’s behavior, not appearance.

“He has a tendency, and I’ve watched him do this thing where he’s upset with a wife and then he’s struggling and then that wife like kind of turns a new leaf or they talk and they figure something out and she’s being supportive and kind and he just melts,” she said. “He’s like they hung the moon and they are amazing. I’ve watched him do it over and over.”

Both Robyn and Meri opened up about their struggles with Christine during the special as well, as Christine explained why she no longer wanted relationships with either of them following her split with Kody.

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