Something for a special occasion? Maltesers launches £1.99 TRUFFLES

Maltesers launches £1.99 TRUFFLES alongside its new flat Buttons (and they’re designed to be given as gifts)

  • Mars announces launch of two new Maltesers products: Buttons and Truffles
  • The Truffles come in gift boxes and are priced from £1.99
  • Flat Buttons will not replace original Maltesers, it has been confirmed 

Chocolate lovers can now get their hands on two new Maltesers treats: flat Buttons or luxurious Truffles. 

Rumours have been flying for months that the famous spherical balls of chocolate and malt would be turned flat.

Thankfully the claims turned out to be untrue, as cylindrical 66p Buttons, which contain small bursts of malty crunch inside milk chocolate, have launched as a separate product, with original Maltesers still available.

However on Friday parent company Mars surprised Maltesers fans by also launching new £1.99 Truffles, which are individually wrapped and have a crunchy malty base with a truffle centre.

The new Maltesers Truffles come in gift boxes and each truffle is individually wrapped

The new truffles are being promoted as ‘special enough to gift to family and friends’ and come in a 54g ‘token,’ 200g medium or 336g large gift boxes.

Buttons meanwhile come in the same sizes as original Maltesers, so can be bought as a 32g singles bag, a 68g treat bag, a 93g pouch or a 154g more to share bag. 

Buttons have a higher ratio of chocolate to malt than traditional Maltesers and contain 166 calories a bag compared to 188-calorie Maltesers.

Mars is also launching new flat Maltesers Buttons, which were rumoured to be replacing spherical Maltesers altogether. However the flat buttons are a separate product which launch in mid July

The new Truffles come in gift boxes of various sizes and are designed to be given away as gifts

The new Truffles on the other hand are said to have a ‘new creamy truffly texture to create a different and more indulgent taste sensation.’ 

Both products will be on sale from mid-July.

Rebecca Shepheard-Walwyn, brand director of Maltesers at Mars Wrigley Confectionery UK, said: ‘We are extremely excited to be launching these new products. 

‘Maltesers Buttons is a new bitesize way to enjoy our signature crunchy chocolate while Maltesers Truffles is a perfect gift for any occasion – if you can bear to give them away.’

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