Spoilers: Bloodbath hits Neighbours in Scarlett double stabbing rampage

It’s a wonder no one has died at the hands of Neighbours’ Scarlett (Christie Whelan Browne) given that she’s taken her stalker plans too far many times. But there’s still time yet.

Having nearly electrocuted Bea (Bonnie Anderson) and having already nearly killed Ned (Ben Hall) with a motorbike, could she really be obsessed enough to murder the man she obsesses about just to make sure no one else can have him?

In a word, yes. Scarlett is tipped over the edge next week and the result will see not one but two Ramsay Street residents fighting for their lives.

After his break up with Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer), Ned is actually grateful for Scarlett being a shoulder to cry on and he starts to think maybe they have a spark between them. Scarlett is thrilled, her plan is working exactly and she plans a trip away with him. But her over-excitement gives Kyle (Chris Milligan) a tiny cause for concern. It just doesn’t sit right. Will he be the one to twig?

Yashvi is devastated to hear about Ned moving on, and decides to dig dirt on Scarlett to see if there is something that can explain Ned’s out of character behaviour. She hits the jackpot when she discovers a photo of her and a mystery man. Who is he?

Yashvi finds a way to contact Scarlett’s ex, and is horrified to learn Scarlett’s story is a complete and twisted lie. She takes drastic action, going straight to the police.

Paul (Stefan Dennis) is also still concerned about his own gut feeling about her, especially after she tried to blackmail him, so he begins to investigate her too. He discovers she has a burner phone – on it is a message from the guy she paid to pretend to attack her.

The final nail in the coffin comes when Kyle and Amy find Scarlett’s weird scrapbook shrine to Ned. She’s obsessed and Ned’s in trouble. Now they know their suspicions were true. But when they try to alert Ned, he’s nowhere to be found!

Ned is missing, having already gone on the trip with Scarlett. Yashvi knows she has to warn him, Scarlett is a liar and could be seriously dangerous. But it’s too little too late.

During their trip, Ned finds himself lost in a maze as unhinged Scarlett chases him. When she catches up with him she reveals her plans for their future, letting slip just how obsessive she is. Freaked, he puts on the brakes, finally sensing her true colours.

But Scarlett sees red – she isn’t going to take a no from her beloved. If she can’t have him, no one can – she pulls out a knife, and stabs him!

As he lies bleeding to death, Yashvi and Bea arrive to try to save his life. He’s badly wounded and suffering from the blood loss. But before Yashvi can get him to safety savage Scarlett seriously wounds her too. Will they both die at the hands of Scarlett?

Scenes air from Monday 28th October at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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