Stacey Solomon helps families declutter their home in BBC series

EXCLUSIVE: Stacey Solomon helps families clear out homes overflowing with clutter in new show Sort Your Life Out – including one couple who threw out ‘thousands’ of children’s toys

  • EXCLUSIVE: First look at Stacey Solomon’s new BBC series Sort Your Life Out 
  • Six-part home improvement series sees TV personality help families declutter
  • Mother-of-three Stacey, 32, is famous on social media for her tap to tidy videos 
  • One family from London featured 387 pieces of tupperware and 1,011 bangles

Stacey Solomon wowed her four million social media followers over lockdown with her tips for up-cycling, organising and cleaning your home. 

Now she’s using her talents to help those in need of fresh start in a new six-part home improvement series, Sort Your Life Out, airing on BBC One at 8pm on Thursday, which sees ordinary families declutter their lives.  

Home organiser Dilly Carter, carpenter and up-cycler Robert Bent and cleaning expert Iwan Carrington also feature on the show to help families stripping their homes bare and putting everything they own in a giant warehouse.

They were then tasked with sorting through it all, encouraged to dispose of most of the possessions, leading to tension, emotion and tears.   

However for some families, tensions arise over sentimental items including 1,000 toys, while others face a difficult process throwing out over nearly 400 pieces of tupperware. 

New BBC series Sort Your Life Out challenges ordinary families who feel overwhelmed by clutter to transform their lives by tidying up (Pictured before: The Patel family, from London, whose living room littered with clothing, exercise equipment and children’s toys)

Pictured after; Bijal and Darshan were blown away by the results of the makeover on the programme 

Alongside organiser Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan, Stacey challenged the Patel family, from London, to embark on a mammoth declutter and sort their life out in just seven days. 

After asking the family to let go of half their possessions, mother Bijal alongside her husband Darshan and their two children stripped every single item they owned into boxes. 

The family’s possessions included 387 bits of tupperware, 1,011 bangles and over 2,000 toys – with the family shocked all their things were ever able to fit into their home in the first place. 

Both Bijal and Darshan struggled to let go of some of their treasured items, but eventually managed to divided their possessions into piles to recycle, donate or sell.

Meanwhile full-time mother Cherelle and her husband Tony were spending all their time tidying up their four young children’s toys (Pictured before: one of the children’s bedrooms cluttered with hoards of toys and clothes) 

Pictured after: The children’s bedroom was decluttered and given a stunning makeover featuring blue walls, handy storage shelves and extra storage spaces 

At the house, carpenter Rob gave the house a new lease of life with some ingenious under stairs storage and hidden kitchen drawers while Iwan gave the home a supersize spring clean. 

Meanwhile the Dowling family, from Manchester, also appeared on the show as they desperately tried to tidy up after their children. 

Full time mother Cherelle and courier Tony said they felt they were spending all their time cleaning up their four young children’s toys.

Meanwhile they confessed they were also desperately searching for a lost engagement ring somewhere in the house. 

The family’s possessions were laid out in a giant warehouse including 34 odd kids’ shoes, 50 new born baby hats and over 1,000 toys (Pictured before: their living room brimming with children’s toys before the makeover) 

Pictured after: Cherelle’s living room was given a chic makeover with the team rearranging furniture, adding new wallpaper and a pink colour scheme

With the house all packed up, the family’s possessions were laid out in a giant warehouse including 34 odd kids’ shoes, 50 new born baby hats and over 1,000 toys. 

Tensions rose over the quality of children’s toys the couple had, and the pair had to learn to work together to sort through their items and decide what would be thrown away.

Meanwhile at their home, Rob breathed new life into the space by radically reconfiguring the bedrooms to create maximum space for all four children.

Meanwhile he also showed viewers how an old wardrobe can be repurposed three different ways. 

Stacey Solomon, who presents the new BBC1 series, has become well known for her handy cleaning tips online  

Cleaner Iwan gave their house a quick spick and span, while Dilly also showed viewers the best way to sort children’s rooms and kitchen cupboard

And those aren’t the only families that enlist the help of the Sort Your Life Out team during the series. 

Single mother Steph Paine and her three daughters was miserable due to the clutter in their Gloucester home.

Their packed up possessions included 111 bottles of nail varnish, 80 packs of out-of-date medicine and over 1,000 books.  

Stacey and the team also help single mother Steph, from Gloucester,  and her three daughters, who felt miserable due to the clutter in her home (pictured, before her children’s bedrooms bursting with books, toys and clothes)

Pictured after: The bedroom was given a stylish makeover including a space-saving bed, bookcase and lick of white paint on the walls 

At the house, carpenter Rob made the most of the space by creating clever storage solutions including hidden bathroom cupboards, while organiser Dilly showed viewers the best way to sort through kitchen cupboards and keep wardrobes tidy

Presenter of the show and former X Factor contestant Stacey regularly posts cleaning tips, crafting tips and organisation hacks to her Instagram Stories. 

One of her most well-known features is her ‘Tap To Tidy’ clips, an Instagram trend Stacey started in which she clears up the mess around the home with one ‘tap’.  

Steph’s packed up possessions included 111 bottles of nail varnish, 80 packs of out-of-date medicine and over one thousand books (Pictured before their living room) 

Pictured after: Steph’s home was transformed by Stacey and the team, who created a gorgeous living room with stylish furniture, modern decor and a brand new fireplace 

Earlier this year she announced the launch of her new lifestyle book Tap to Tidy, with the tome quickly becoming Amazon’s number one best seller. 

Speaking about the launch of the show, BBC commissioning editor Emily Smith added: ‘After filming a successful pilot last year, we’re so excited for this series with Stacey and her team. It’s amazing what they can do to turn homes around without having to spend loads.

‘As well as all the useful and inspiring ideas, it’s ultimately a series about families and modern life which we can all relate to.’

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