Steal These Hamptons-Worthy Summer Party Tips for Your Next Soirée

With the longest lunar eclipse of this century taking place last weekend, it was definitely cause to celebrate. Here, Candice Miller of Mama & Tata takes us inside her ‘Full Moon’ Hamptons fête, where cotton candy tablescapes, sparkly sundresses and farm-to-table bites made way for one magical evening under the moon. Peruse her chic party tips below, and get inspired to throw your own high summer soirée.

I feel it’s necessary to have fun and be a bit edgier when your the host of the party. The look typically sets the mood, and I always go for bold and embellished dresses as opposed to the typical floral print maxi dress. This vintage find was gold lamè, off the shoulder, with embellished sleeves, and a corset, which set the stage for a sexy full moon extravaganza.

The attire for my party is always festive. My guests know me well, all being very close friends, so they step it up a bit when they are coming over. They were all channeling the glow of the full moon with some sparkle this evening, and it made the entire backyard shine.

CO ruffled lamé gown, $2,398,


Rachel Zoe floral gown, $278,


The cotton candy sky lent itself to my pink tablescape. During the magic hour of sunset, the tables glowed in the salmon light, and created this dreamy, whimsical, fairytale setting. The various shades of pink have always been staples in my closet, as well as my logo for Mama & Tata, which inspired me to create this party palette.

When deciding on my lighting this year, I wanted something special added to my typical twinkle lights. The woven basket chandeliers made the party feel like an extension of my home, bringing a bit of the inside out into nature. My affinity for woven baskets and handbags definitely inspired this detail.

Serena & Lily lamp, $298,


I’m extremely health conscious and a strong believer that food makes or breaks a dinner party. We always offer farm to fork meals in my home, so naturally we did the same for my guests. My chef, Joanna Siegel, shops all of the local farms out east, Babinski, Halsey, Mecox Bay, Fairview and Green Thumb to create a beautiful assortment of family style salads to serve on the table for dinner. She made a delicious, fresh truffle lobster salad, burrata salad with spinach, avocado, tomatoes and roasted peaches, and honey roasted chicken with a side of corn succotash. After all of the margaritas, I think my guests appreciated the delicious and healthful meal.

I tend to see the same name cards for seating at most parties, and I like to be unique and innovative in my table design. Keren Precel, who helps with planning many of my events for Mama & Tata, showed me these rose quartz name plates which felt perfect to incorporate in a full moon party where setting intentions and embracing spirituality was key. I like my tablescape to be interesting, reflecting my guests at the party. The more eccentric, the better!

Etsy crystal name cards, $20 for 10,


I love when something looks undone, a bit messy, authentic and organic. The various shades of pink and mismatched glassware on the table gives that effect. No table setting was identical just as no person sitting there was the same. It’s a reflection of reality, and creates a natural aesthetic.

The Knot Shop vintage goblet, $8,


Crate & Barrel gold coupe, $15,


Every year I use florals when designing the tables, and this year I felt feathers would be the perfect evolution to keep it fresh. One of my guests, a dear friend and brilliant man, shared his mantra with me and it stuck: “Evolve or evaporate!”

I love to wear feathers, whether it be on a dress, a bag, or piece of jewelry, they are a frequent find in my wardrobe because they are fun. Flower crowns are sweet, but flower crowns with feathers are so much better! Anastasia from Sag Harbor Florist understood my vision, and created the most ethereal crowns for the ladies of the evening, who danced in the grass, feeling the powerful energy from the moon all night long.

Not only was the full moon up above, but we set the mood when the night became dark, with white, round globe lights floating around my pool. This became the centerpiece for our dancing and frolicking, and filled the party with positive energy and good vibes. It was a simple, inexpensive design concept, but had such a tremendous effect. Fitting right in with my personal mantra, quality over quantity!

LOFTEK LED 16-inch light ball, $90,


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